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The fans pick: No.
The fans pick: Christian
The fans pick: Ugh
The fans pick: laranja -- enthusiasm, determination, success, fascination
The fans pick: Happy. Never liked her.
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stipes said …
Tara 7124 said sorry dad it that it like I don't want to wish anymore . You have good pain and legally pain that you should be scared of and stop from dancing . Posted over a year ago
Kait71121 said …
and felt so proud when miss rain said there exams were pushed but Abigail worked while she was talking and everyone joined in...I felt so touch that i cryed...The very first time i watch this i was so upset that Sammy died that i too like Abigail shut down. I would cry and cry.. but i had to myself to know that hes still alive even though his character is dead! Posted over a year ago
Kait71121 commented…
3rd part over a year ago
Kait71121 commented…
SOrry for the spelling over a year ago
Kait71121 said …
Tho everytime i watch it i still get said that sammy died. Eventhough I know its a show and my paretns know it show i atill cry everytime. I felt as tho I was apart of there group that i was inn the círculo at the memorial of sammy holding hands in the círculo while christain read his list, I could feel the saddness from abigail when tara and kat pulled her out of the shower...I was there when she finally Really started to let out feeling and her mom was there to hold her. I was there and felt Posted over a year ago
Kait71121 commented…
2nd part over a year ago
Kait71121 commented…
sorry for the spelling over a year ago