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Great Nina Interview....also DE related♥♥♥



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You can totally tell the interviewer was a D/E fan! I think Nina was deliberately playing a bit clueless: "Really? That's funny." She probably knows where the Delena 'connection' is going but she's not allowed to say anything about it yet. But it does seem that the show is willing the audience to want Elena to be with Damon, no matter how much Elena loves Stefan, Nina must see that from the scripts.
posted over a year ago.
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Team Delena!
Who cares if it will be just be a fling? Then she'll go running back to Steven's protective arms. Since you know Damon is 'incapable of trust' so he's obviously incapable of loving Elena and putting her safety first like 'saint. Stefan' of course "she'll never do anything to hurt Stefan" she's Elena, not Katherine. And yet again there goes another, loving Stefan more. No wonder Damon's a shadow of himself. Nina just gave it away that the relationship that Elena & Damon will only be a necessity actual than the actual affection she feels for Stefan, for the episode she’s talking about, obviously Stefan was he actual dance date but when he gets caught up with something else…Damon seize the opportunity to make a move on Elena…and lets himself be a rebound guy no doubt he isn’t aware that once Stefan returns Elena would not consider a double take before she goes back to running back to Stefan. And there is still Katherine, maybe that’s what will end Elena and Damon’s relationships when Damon is still having the want to find Katherine, his psycho ex-girlfriend.
And of course the audience prefers the 'forbidden attraction', its not even a matter of preference, life's not a fairytale anymore that the first love, the prince charming comes and rescues the damsel in distress from the soulless vampire. OK I probably only speak for myself but for once can the soulless Vampire just get the girl? The one who is willing to take risks, instead of the vampire who rather plays it safe. I love the whole 'love triangle' but I feel drawn to the forbidden side. If she ends up with her first love, well...what did I expect...but if she ends up with no faring of becoming a mini Katherine...I mean she’s nothing like Katherine though she prefers Stefan as well but in a totally different way. Like it or not Damon will never be Stefan. The only thing they’ll have in common will be the last name they share. I don’t care if she goes back to Stefan…I hope this ends in another Romeo & Juliet tragedy. Ha-ha. Stefan should be willingly to be able to sacrifice his love to his hated brother, seeing he fell for someone who is completely different from him…he should be able trust Elena’s life into Damon’s hand even though he thinks Damon would drink her dry without even batting an eyelash. Bring on the Romeo and Juliet tragedy TVD ;)
posted over a year ago.
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DaniKatZ said:
I loved it! I just feel sooo excited now! and i agree with delenasalvatore!
posted over a year ago.
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