Damon & Elena What do Delena have that Stelena don't?

DaniKatZ posted on Jun 12, 2010 at 11:55PM
Come up with like a sentence and start again if u want, so we can count up how much we have. What do u think?
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over a year ago Sunbathe said…
Delena has chemistry whereas Stelena does not!
over a year ago hsm3-fan said…
Delena has some hiliarious stuff sometimes coz of damon :) Stelena only has romance and that stuff! its good to laugh u no!
over a year ago DaniKatZ said…
they have 'eyesex' but Stelena does'nt!
over a year ago Madelayna said…
Delena has...chemistry! hotness^^
and of course Damon himself ;D
over a year ago Junior_Ducky said…
It has something to do with Ian and Nina being an actual couple when the cameras arn't rolling. Their romance scenes are more believable.
over a year ago chairbuck12 said…
Hilarity, chmistry, a slow buildup, eyesex galore, a man that doesn't make me depressed when I watch him (stefan)....
over a year ago StarrieNites said…
They have intense chemistry, their scenes are usually steamy, flirty or have intensity, a connection they don't even understand :P lol Stefan&Elena and boring to me
over a year ago Crystasorrow said…
hmmm let's see...(not hard at all) intense chemistry (unlike Stelena), they can understand each other, they started as friends (unlike Stelena), imo they are the epic love of the show (unlike Stelena), they definitely ARE NOT boring (unlike Stelena), they seem to balance each other out...Damon can bring out Elena's fun and fiery side, while she can bring out his humanity, they're adorable and hilarious, they have this amazing slow building relationship, they have awesome eyesex, Damon's not a 'bunny eater', Ian and Nina have chemistry off-screen too, etc. ^^
over a year ago epicdelena4ever said…
they have chemistry!...and they are not BORING ... all stelena say to eachother is "i love you"....."i love you too"
delena are hot and passionte and have intense scenes together there attractrion is undeniable..they have unspoken and unconditional love!
over a year ago katie15 said…
big smile
* When they argue it's always like an old married couple, which makes us laugh rather than cringe.

* Chemistry.

* Development.

* Uncheesy and uncringy.

* Hot guy, hot girl.

* Have an understanding.

* Elena is the ONLY person that sees Damon's humanity, Ian's words, not mind ;)

* Eye sex.

* Their scenes give you butterflies when they get really intense.
over a year ago jendelena said…

lmaoo *tears* the only advantage SE have is Elena met Stefan first and they are the official pairing good for them lolllz
over a year ago detty4ever said…
-It's only enough one look, one touch to take your breath away, whereas with the SE we have seen it all and it's BORING!

-Damon himself, who knows how to love in a very deep and unique way that gives you goose bumps just to think about it!

-The against all odds element that keeps you excited and makes you want to see more!

-The element of the forbidden that's always sexy!

-The idea that your true soulmate, was right in front of you the whole time and you weren't ready to see it!

-The anticipation of the first real kiss that has to be better from any other kiss on the show!

-And not to forget, the DE has a way stronger fandom! And that counts BIG TIME!
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over a year ago loopylou098 said…
they entertain where SE is boring
over a year ago loveofdelena said…
REALISM!!! they are well developed, passionate, honest, flawed and soooooo damn BEAUTIFUL it hurts!! DE FWT!!!

over a year ago clairmxxx said…
EQUAL respect for each other... with Selena i would say its more one sided than equal
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
An understanding
over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
Delena is full of them!
Damon loves Elena more...
there are so many ;)
over a year ago queen-seli said…

very hot Eyesex...

just Delena=)
over a year ago Delena4TVD said…
Damon makes her into a WOMAN, Where with Stefan she's just a GIRL.
over a year ago amshafe said…
Just about everything. A compelling story. Real obstacles to overcome. A love story born out of friendship, not just an instant romance between two people who didn't even know each other. They also live in reality, unlike Stefan and Elena who have to live in a bubble when it comes to their relationship. Stefan coddles Elena and let's his guilt and self-hatred constantly come between them. Elena is always the one fighting for their relationship not Stefan. Even at the end of S3 Stefan thought he could lay it on thick for one episode and everything would be back to normal, nevermind what happened during S3. Also, Stefan, as long as he hates himself and what he is, cannot have a relationship with someone. He needs to find self love. He doesn't need to find it in Elena. That's his problem. That's why they are all wrong for each other. And Elena doesn't see Stefan for who he really is. She kind of ignores or goes into denial about his flaws.

With Damon, Elena knows the bad and some of the good, but she has yet to discover so many amazing things about Damon. And that's what makes their story more interesting. Because we, as the audience, know a lot of things about Damon that Elena doesn't because she hasn't seen them or been told. Damon never brags when he does something good, and often lets others take credit or even blame him for things. That's what makes their story so much more interesting and the real love story of TVD. Elena is slowly discovering who Damon really is and what her feelings really are for Damon.

And Damon's heartbreaking backstory makes it that much greater. He thought he loved Katherine but she only truly loved his brother, and when he met Elena once again his brother gets the girl, but Damon realizes that he's found true love for the first time in his life. It's so heartbreakingly tragic and beautiful, that anyone who roots for Stelena rather than Delena, well that I simply cannot understand.