Damon & Elena Thoughts on SEASON 4!

DelenaDestiny posted on Oct 14, 2012 at 08:10AM
You all probably have many thoughts on what has happened and whether you like it or not so here is the place where you can express your feelings and not get judged!
 You all probably have many thoughts on what has happened and whether you like it or not so here is th

Damon & Elena 6 replies

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over a year ago DelenaDestiny said…
I would like there to be a heart-to-heart discussion on what has happened in the new memories with her and Damon because I really don't feel like that was well discussed enough in episode 1.
over a year ago DelenaDestiny said…
Also I really didn't like that Elena said that it was the best decision she ever made when she chose Stefan because that was really bitchy and hurtful to us DE fans.
loveofdelena commented…
yeah!! what a load of lying bullshit!! over a year ago
over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
1) I also wanted to make a forumpost like this one ;)
2) As I said before, I was dissapointed from the 1st episode, because there were only two DE scenes and I felt like Stefan and Elena is the one and unique couple in the show who really love each other whatever it happens...But in my opinion Elena doesn't feel like that! At least not always. And I still have this feeling after watching promo for the next episode when there is the "SE hot scene"! I have heard that in 4x04 we will see vampire sex between Damon and Elena...Is it true? Anyway, my favorite Delena season, was s3...I hoped s4 will be even better than the previous...But I don't know if it will be...

Oh I forgot the most important! I want elena to remember that Damon was the brother who met first, because I think that this changes everything!

And the scene with Stefan/Elena and Rebekah(you know which scene I mean:P) was too dramatic to me.
 1) I also wanted to make a forumpost like this one ;) 2) As I said before, I was dissapointed from t
over a year ago loveofdelena said…
Elena is just in denial. all this telling stefan she loves him and it's the best choice she made, is purely and act of DESPARATION, on her part, to disguise the fact that she has extremely deep feelings for damon!! she is doing her upmost best to try to convince herself, and stefan, that she is not like katherine, and in elena's mind, damon is the BAD choice for her, because if she gets with him, she thinks that it will make her like katherine, but she doesn't realize, how VERY far from the truth this is!!
over a year ago Manonx said…
@jake_rose_4ever: she already remembered she met Damon first.
1) you always remember everything you were compelled to forget during the transition
2) she said this to Damon

On topic:
I'm really content with the season thus far. Apart from Stelena being EXCEPTIONALLY cheesy (and I've never bothered myself about them), it is pretty good.
They handled Elena's transition, and her memories, well. They are handeling the emotions being heightened really well, though I find it a little weird that's she's only talking about her compassion being heightened. I thought the writers established that ALL the emotions are heightened once a vampire?

I'm excited were the storyline goes. That hunter is really interesting, especially because Jeremy could see that tattoo, and everyone else couldn't. I think he's a sort of warrior, sent back from the dead (just like Jeremy, maybe Jer will become one, too?).

I have to mention: that April girl really looks like Anna. I think so, anyway =D

And... I have to say that Damon is made of awesomeness. I love it that he is giving Elena a hard time, sort of. Now he needs to let Stelena live that "fairytale", so that Elena can see her mistake eventually.

Another thing: I hate what they do to Bonnie. No one ever visits her - even when she has such a hard time, like now - except when they need help. Though I know that she said that she's been avoiding everyone, I still feel that the MF gang needs to take care of their friends.
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over a year ago DelenaDestiny said…
@Manox, I agree with you. Normally I dislike Bonnie for some reason, but Season 4 has actually made me feel sorry for her because she has hardly been a part of it so far. I also am not a fan of Tyler, but now I like him. Especially when he sacrafised himself for the others in Episode 2.

Overall I have to say that Episode 2 has been my favourite so far. There were so many Delena scenes and the bloodsharing scene was just amazing! The third episode was also very interesting and the hunter guy still really interests me! I wonder what being one of the five means.... TVD always finds a way to keep the fans watching. It's amazing!