I was thinking about this earlier today and it clicked to me that Stelena’s amor story has been a complete joke for a very long time. The writers really have screwed them up royally, but in my opinion I think they have been screwing them up badly since season 1. They have made SE just seem like an obstacle for DE all this time. What you’re about to read further down shows that Stelena has gotten to the point of being constantly mocked on the show because of the continuous contradictions and hypocritical moments and words shared between both S and E, especially the nonsense that comes out of Elena’s mouth. I amor Elena but that girl is the biggest hypocrite ever. But I’m glad she is, and here’s why >>>

“He kissed Katherine, I wouldn’t do that.” – Elena telling Stefan that she would never kiss Damon in episode 2x01
progressivo, para a frente to the season 2 finale and Elena kisses Damon. Then season 3 she kisses Damon in episode 10 and in 19, while still claiming to be in amor with Stefan. I guess her earlier words proved false. Exhibit Elena’s most hypocritical moment.

“I amor Stefan it’s ALWAYS going to be Stefan.” Elena to Damon in 2x01
“I can’t think about ALWAYS all I can think about it right now.” Elena to Damon in 3x22
“I amor you Damon, I amor you.” Elena to Damon in 4x10
Guess Stefan went from being her always to her right now. And the I amor Stefan turned into I amor you Damon. Once again her earlier words prove false. Exhibit Elena’s other hypocritical moment.

“That kind of amor never dies.” Klaus about Stelena in 3x05
“Are you in amor with Stefan?” – Rebeckah in 4x10 “No!” – Elena in 4x10
I guess that kind of amor does die. And that line coming from Klaus of all people is enough for it to be mocked considering Klaus doesn’t know the first thing about what amor is and what is means. He killed his own mother and daggered his siblings for centuries. Yeah Klaus knows amor (Rolls eyes).

“You were the best choice I ever made.” Elena to Stefan 4x01
progressivo, para a frente six episodes later she and Stefan break up because she realized she loves Damon and chooses him.
“You.” – Elena to Damon 4x07
(So if Stefan was the best choice she ever made, how come it only took her maybe a week or two at the most to end it with Stefan and choose Damon? Easy Elena is a liar and hypocrite. I guess this is another hypocritical moment from Elena).

“You still have me.” Stefan to Elena 3x20
Elena chooses Damon over Stefan. “I’m done with her (Elena)” – Stefan 4x11
“I promise I will never leave you again.” – Damon 3x05
Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. “Still here.” – Damon 4x07
(This one speaks for itself).

“I amor you Stefan hold on to that, never LET THAT GO.” - Elena to Stefan 3x01
seguinte minute
“You don’t have to amor me like this. The old Elena died going over that bridge LET HER GO.” – Elena to Stefan 4x07
“Erase it all every memory.” – Stefan about Elena 4x10
(I guess Stefan made the choice to let it all go. And Elena told him to let go.) Lol! Epic truly epic… NOT!

“Let’s get one thing straight I am not Katherine.” – Elena to Damon 1x03
“It’s okay to amor them both, I did.” – Katherine to Elena 2x22
“I’m talking about how you’re also in amor with Damon.” – Stefan to Elena 3x18
(Elena constantly tries to convince herself she isn’t like Katherine, but as Damon once said, “You and Katherine have a lot mais in common than just your look’s.” It’s fair to say Damon knows and understands Elena better than Stefan ever will).

“Stefan is your epic love.” – Caroline to Elena in 3x20
“You and Elena epic, Damon and Elena bleh.” – Caroline to Stefan in 4x07
“Just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean I always know what I’m talking about.” - Caroline Forbes

“Rebeckah says you lie.” – April to Elena in 4x10
Elena lies all the time. And she has been lying about her true feelings for far too long. She has loved Damon all this time and couldn’t say it out aloud. And she had stopped being in amor with Stefan long atrás and again couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.
“I care about you Damon, which is why I have to let you go.” – Elena to Damon 3x22
(Next minuto she is chasing after Damon, asking him for help, spending time with him, dirty dancing with him, and finally admitting she has feelings for him. I guess she lied when she said she only cared about him because clearly it went deeper than that. And she was lying when she said she had to let him go, because through season 4 she did the complete opposite of that. She couldn’t keep away. It’s clear that phone call Elena made in 3x22 was full of lies because her actions spoke louder than her words all through season 4).

“I lost you the minuto I left town with Klaus. You just haven’t let yourself admit it yet.” – Stefan to Elena in 3x11
(Basically Stefan is saying he knew if he left Elena alone with Damon she would fall in amor with him, which she did. Meaning Stefan lost her to Damon when he left with Klaus. And the part about her not letting herself admit it meant that she hasn’t admitted to herself that she is in amor with Damon because she’s still living in her denial bubble in that moment).

“That’s what amor SHOULD be. You SHOULD amor the person that makes you glad you’re alive.” – Elena about Stefan 3x22
(That’s her head speaking for her trying to convince her to amor Stefan, hence the use of the word should).
Eg: “I should go to the toilet before I leave the house but I really don’t need nor want to go but I’ll go anyway and just sit there for the sake of it.” (Can you see the comparison? My head is saying I should go to the toilet, but my body/heart don’t need or want to go, so what’s the point of going if I’m just going to waste my time. Also I used a toilet example because Stelena reminds me of something to do with toilets and crap). Haha! ;)
“The problem is Damon when I’m with him, it just consumes me.”
(That’s her coração speaking, honestly and sincerely saying you’re in amor with him stop fighting it).
Elena’s coração and head are never in sync. She never goes for what she truly wants because she thinks too much and allows her mind to make decisions for her instead of her heart, hence why she always makes bad choices.

“When it’s real, you can’t walk away.” – Lexi season 1
As soon as Elena chose Damon, Stefan walked away. Thus proving Stelena isn’t real.
When Elena chose Stefan over Damon, Damon stayed por her side, and helped her through her transition and even helped keep her and Stefan together. He never walked away, even though he was supposed to he just couldn’t bring him self to leave Elena. And the reason is because it is real between them.

“Do it erase it all, every memory.” – Stefan about his history and amor for Elena. He’s willing to forget everything about Elena and all their time spent together and just completely let go of her and all of their past. 4x10
“I’ve made a lot of choices that have gotten me here, I deserve this I deserve to die. But it’s okay Elena because if I’d of chosen differently I wouldn’t have met you.” – Damon telling Elena he’d do it all over again just to meet her because she’s worth all the pain and heartache he’s had to endure throughout the last century. 2x22

I’ve read somewhere that in either season 1 or season 2 Elena said something to Stefan along the lines of this, “I don’t even know what amor is, but I know I amor you Stefan.” And apparently she added that ending to not make Stefan feel bad for her saying that. Now if that is true and Elena did say something of that derivative to Stefan that just puts a huge smile on my face. Because it goes back to how Elena said to matt in 3x22, “You SHOULD amor the person who makes you glad you’re alive.” Still at that point Elena clearly doesn’t know what amor is, because if she did she would of chosen Damon considering he consumes her because that is what amor is. But it took her becoming a vampire to realize the true meaning of love, because her heightened emotions became too intense to deny any longer. That’s why she’s finally admitting she loves him. “It’s the most real thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

Stefan gave Elena a vervain colar to protect her from Damon, ironically Damon is the one who always returns it to her and never takes advantage of her when she isn’t wearing it. But funnily enough the one time he didn’t immediately give Elena back her colar was so he could tell her he loved her. But then compelled her to forget, because he felt it was too selfish of him to allow her to know that. It’s seguro to say Stefan didn’t need to worry about Damon being a problem for Elena without the necklace. Damon proved how amazing he was in that memorable moment in 2x08.

Now to my conclusion, Stefan and Elena went from, “I amor Stefan it’s always going to be Stefan.” To, Rebeckah asking “Are you in amor with Stefan?” and Elena answering with a big fat and honest, “No.” Damon and Elena went from, “I hate him.” To, “I don’t hate him, I, I think I’m falling in amor with him.” To, “I slept with Damon because I’m in amor with him.” And lastly to, “I amor you Damon, I amor you.” So basically Stefan and Elena REGRESSED whilst Damon and Elena PROGRESSED. When you rush into something, mais often than not it never lasts and it comes crashing down in front of your very eyes. But when you take your time with something and are patient and let it develop and grow over time that’s when it lasts forever. Buildings aren’t built over night; if they were they’d be collapsing all over the place. They take time. First you lay out the foundation and then slowly, slowly you place each brick on topo, início of another brick until you reach the very top. And once that building is standing there tall and completed nothing can bring it down. That’s my metaphor about Stelena and Delena. The big difference between the two is that SE happened too quickly and that’s why it wasn’t real. But Delena had slow buildup and that’s why it’s real.