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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon got back fast enough to see Caroline close the door behind her. He entered and almost hit the door against Caroline’s head.
“Hey, watch it” she said a little jumpy.
“Sorry” Damon growled. “I’m a little tensed” He walked to the bed, where Matt was sitting on a chair.
“Where’s Jeremy?” Elena asked sharp-looking at Damon.
“I left him with that female doctor. She knows him” Damon answered.
Elena smirked. “Well, are you the caring type” she said sarcastic.
“Right now I care mais for you that your little bro, that’s true” Damon commented, getting mad, which Caroline picked up on.
“Okayyy, there’s no need for discussions now” she quickly interrupted. “I have something that might make you feel better. Both of you”
Damon rotated his head to Caroline. “Really?” he asked sceptic. “And what may that be?” Caroline searched through her pockets and conjured a piece of paper. “How familiar are you with alternative healing?”
Damon and Elena shared a look and then looked back at Caroline, waiting for further explanation.
“I read somewhere that herbs can heal cancer. I looked it up and found what herbs help against blood cancer. I wrote down how you have to prepare them and there’s a large bag of herbs back at my place” Caroline said.
“Caroline…” Elena started, but Caroline disrupted her.
“I know it’s a little weird and you don’t have to do it. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to try” she finished.
“Caroline” Elena repeated, now harder. “I just want to thank you. You didn’t have to do this for me. And I will definitely try it”
“You are?” both Caroline and Damon asked.
“Of course I am” Elena said obvious. “Can I see that paper?” Caroline handed her the paper and Elena read it. “This could be my best chance on getting better” she said after leitura it.
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