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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena was sitting in the kitchen, playing solitaire. She picked up a card and squeezed her eyes at the Joker image. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?” She got tired of the game, because she was losing, and collected the cards. Then she took two card and placed them against each other, creating a triangle. She did the same with two other cards and placed them seguinte to the other triangle. “Are you seriously building a card house now?” Jeremy asked. He was sitting in the couch, playing a computer game. Elena didn’t respond; she needed all her focus on the construction. “Let her be, Jeremy” Alaric said. “That’s what’s called ‘occupational therapy’”
Elena was halfway her construction when the sino rang. She jumped up and her card house collapsed. Annoyed she got up and answered the door. Complete silence.
“Hi” Damon waved, mais shy than he ever was. Elena blinked and stared at him like she was frozen. The she came back to earth.
“Daaaammmoooonnn!!!” she squeaked and she threw her arms around him, nearly suffocating him.
“I can’t breathe” Damon gasped. Elena let go of him and looked at him with an ecstatic smile.
“I missed you so much, Damon! Jeremy said you were with Bonnie and at first I didn’t like it. I mean, you and Bonnie? Only a delusional moron would put the two of you together, right? But then I figured, if Bonnie wants to be with someone who almost bit off her neck and if Damon wants to be with someone who set him on fire, then who am I to stop them? I hope you two will be very happy” Elena ranted, still with that smile on her face. She took a deep breath and then said: “Aren’t you coming in?” She step aside and let him in. “Where’s Bonnie? Didn’t she cadastrar-se you?”
“No” Damon said a little annoyed because the subject didn’t change. “She stayed at home. She’s sick” In the head, he thought.
“Oh no, is it serious?” Elena gasped. Damon rolled his eyes. “She’ll live” he said short. Elena held her head diagonally. “Are you angry with me?” she asked scared like a two ano old.
Damon sighed and his annoyed expression vanished. “No, I’m not” he reassured Elena. Not with you, he thought. “Okay” Elena nodded. “Come in” she said and she pulled him into the kitchen. “Can I get you something? We don’t have any blood unfortunately… You can have mine” she stuck her left arm out. Damons eyes bulged and for the first time a little smile appeared on his face. “No, thank you” He gave Elena back her arm and his eyes fell on the table. “What were you doing?” he curiously asked. “Oh, that” Elena said bored. “That’s something to pass the time” Damon sank down on a chair and shoved the cards to him. “In for a little competition?” he challenged Elena. Elena sat opposite Damon. “Bring it on”
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Making Out (Love) Scene From Tell Me You amor Me
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posted by Delenafan2
I know we're all feeling the absence of TVD until it returns this fall so here is some fã fiction I had wrote a little while ago. I have it posted also on a fã Fiction website. I hope you all enjoy it.
WARNING: Adult content in some of the later chapters.

Breaking Point

Chapter 1
It was quiet in his room after Elena had left him. He had hoped she would’ve given him a reaction, any reaction, even a smile, something, after he had told her he’d always choose her. Obviously, he didn’t expect an outpouring of love, but even a small hug or a kiss on the cheek would’ve been better than a...
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 See the similarities?! Clue maybe? ;)
See the similarities?! Clue maybe? ;)
{I don't own any of the pictures!}

1. Because they have an "understanding".

2. She saw something in him than no one else had - his humanity.

3. They look hot together ;)

4. They have intense chemistry.

5. They have fun together.

6. They make Stelena's sex scene look overrated with their eye sex ;)

7. They have been compared to Jack and Rose from titanic when Elena walks down the stairs to meet Damon at the dance.

8. It was Damon that saw her first as a corvo ;)

9. Because when Damon falls in amor he falls hard.

10. You can't deny their sexual chemistry.

11. Because at first it was an obsession as she looked...
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posted by Delenafan2
This is the follow up to my last story. This is some adult content.

Elena and Damon chuveiro Scene
This story has some adult content to it which I’ll have to say it’s rated MA for some content.

The house was quiet when Elena came in. She wanted desperately to talk to Damon about their kiss last night.

“Damon? Are you here?”, she called out. Hearing no response she headed upstairs towards his bedroom.

“Damon?” she said before entering his room. She heard water running in the bathroom. Was he in the shower? She grimaced hoping to not find him in there with Andie. Her curiosity eating away...
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