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who is rebeka's father isnt he like part of the family can't he deal with the family trouble why get his daughter do all the dirty work

 starfairy1996 posted over a year ago
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DobbysSister said:
Rebeccas father is Cliff Barnes if u haven't watched the old series then he is JR's rival for many years. He always trys to scheme against htem but always seems to fail. Tommy isn't Cliffs son thogh that was all part of there act. Tommy is Rebeccas ex and they used to encontro, data - Rebecca is hi actualy sisiter but the one chris is married to is inpersonating her. At the end we see that Cliff gets out of aplane and basically is usinf her as a actress to cover up for the fact that its him behind her. She is ordered to get a part i ewing energies but her father! hope this helps
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posted over a year ago 
Also, Afton Cooper is Rebecca's mother Cliff's live in girlfriend from the original Dallas series .
sweeteepie4ever posted over a year ago
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