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It's funny how that man who I admire so much doesn't even know I exist.
I first saw him in that awesome series 'How I Met Your Mother' 5 years ago. I liked him so much. He was funny, cute, handsome and he was atuação really good. I decided to check him out on the internet.I saw so many great vídeos of him, so many good shows he has been on, and I liked every single one of them.
Time went por and I started learning about his personal life. I found out where he was born, when did he first started acting,everything... Then I started downloading his pictures, videos, everything.
I must admit he was...
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posted by dacastinson
Full name: Danijela Ilichkovich
Age: 15 years old.
Birthday: April 22, 1996
favorito singers: hmm, i can decide :P
favorito bands: Maroon 5, Nickelback, 3 doors down...
favorito actors: Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Jim Carrey..
favorito actresses: Stana Katic, Alyson Hannigan!
favorito series: How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Bones, Once Upon A Time!
favorito movies: In time, Ace Ventura, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
favorito food: Hamburger and pizza :D
favorito things to do: 1. Sleep, 2. Fanpop, 3. Music

That's about it :D
posted by _naiza
Full name: Naiza Juliana de Souza Silva.
Pet name: Julie.
Age: 16 years old.
Birthday: April 23, 1995.
Nacionality: Brazilian.
Favorite singers: adele and Justin Timberlake.
Favorite bands: Coldplay, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5, Paramore.
Favorite musics: "Undisclosed Desires" por Muse, "Viva La Vida" por Coldplay, "Fluorescent Adolescent", por Arctic Monkeys, "Makes Me Wonder" por Maroon 5, "Misery Business", por Paramore, "Someone Like You" por Adele, "Lovestoned/I Think She Knows" por Justin Timberlake.
Favorite actors: Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Carrey, Hugh Laurie, Evan Peters.
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