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nikki8green6 posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 06:21PM
I've seen this game on other spots and have posted it on others as well and it's pretty fun when alot of people participate. Here's how it works: I name a character from the show and you submit a 1-3 word answer to describe that character. Once everyone who is going to participate has submitted an answer I'll post them as a pick and let the fans pick their favorite(you cannot vote for yourself). The winner wil get posted in the forum and recieve props.

We'll start with...

ROUND 1: Det. Jessica Angell
link - Mackenziegrl with Flack's Angell
Round 2: Mac Taylor
link - nikki8green6 with Upholder of Justice
Round 3: Aiden Burn
link ~ narniafreak12 with Rest in Peace
Round 4: Sheldon Hawkes
link ~ HouseAddict87 with Walking Talking Encyclopedia
Round 5: Lindsay Monroe
link ~ becca85 with Danny's Montana
Round 6: Stella Bonasera
link ~ HouseAddict87 with Mac's Greek Goddess
Round 7: Danny Messer
link ~ lifeisgrand with Sex On Legs
Round 8: Adam Ross
link ~ CSI_NYfangirl with King of the Lab
Round 9: Peyton Driscoll
link ~ becca85 with Broke Mac's Heart
Round 10: Sid Hammerback
link ~ becca85 with Eccentric Medical Examiner
Round 11: Reed Garrett
link ~ neurogirl07 with Mac's Journalist 'Son'
Round 12: Haylen Becall
link ~ House34 with Mac's Ass Kisser
Round 13: Jane Parsons
link ~ HouseAddict87
Round 14: Don Flack
link ~ becca 85 with Angell's Angel
Round 15: Robert Dunbrook
link ~ nikki8green6 with Coniving Self-Absorbed Jerk
Round 16: Terrence Davis
link ~ nikki8green6 with Bad-Boy Gone Good
Round 17: DJ Pratt
link ~ dantana_luver09 with The Paint Rapist
Round 18: Shane Casey
link ~ annaliese86 with Messer Family's Nightmare
Round 19: Clay Dobson
link ~ dantana_luver09 with The Bald Bastard
Round 20: Andrew 'Drew' Bedford
link ~ becca85 with Simmering Vengeance
Round 21: Suspect X
link ~ becca85 with Assassin Extraordinaire
Round 22: Jo Danville
link ~ 77actors with New Strong Character
Round 23: Hollis Eckhart
link ~ Smiley25 with The Compass from Hell
Round 24: Cabbie Killer
link ~ Smiley25 with The Transportation Nightmare
Round 25: Kendall
Round 26: Marty
Round 27: Evan
Round 28: SMacked
Round 29: D/L
Round 30: Flack/Angell
Round 31: Rikki Sandoval
Round 32: Samantha Flack
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