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added by VeggieTales311
The 4th graders did a wonderful job at the 2009 Michigan Musical. There were many parts to try out for. They sang some wonderful songs and DANCED! Here are the songs in order they sang:

Michigan is the Place!
Michigan, Our Michigan
Tresaure in the Ground
Deep in the Woods
Roll, Loggers Roll
Michigan Gals
The Flivver
Mackinaw Bridge
Michigan is a Playground
State Motto
Michigan, My michigan (State song)

Here were the parts:

Indian solos
Indian dance
pele, peles girl
Logger solo
Logger (regular)
Michigan Gal/ insterment player
Flivver car

It was a pretty fun time.
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The sad story of Nibbles: Nibbles is a very cute and funny hamster. He WAS Mrs. Maxted's 4th grade class pet. On May 13, 2009, two girls (during D.E.A.R time) decided to put Nibbles in his ball. To their surprise, Nibbles was COLD! They felt sad. They told the teacher. Today, Nibbles is in our hearts. That's when a student named Amber decided to get a new class hamster. She named him Carmel. (Give the credit of the name to my brother, Tony. He's the user, Webkinz96.) Everyone was glad to see Carmel! He is super entergetic! That's when something SILLY happened. Amber took Carmel for Memorial dia weekend. Someone left the cage OPEN. And that's how Carmel ESCAPED! Amber thought Carmel was no where. So they got a new criceto, hamster named Cuddles. She looked sort of like Nibbles but was smaller. It gets SILLIER. On Sunday night, they FOUND Carmel. So that's how Cuddles just VISITED school. Amber got to keep Cuddles as a pet. So that's the story of "The Nibbles Trio."
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This is NOT a cruz Creek class. Someone showed some students this video. Enjoy!
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Mrs. Maxted's 4th grade class had a class auction using their M&M Bucks they earned. Students got to bring in items from início for people to auction off. One student named Cole AKA Coliolio had somewhere in the 1,000 for M&M Bucks. The auction was fun. There were tons of items and there was a ton of laughters shared at this wonderful moment shared on Jun. 3, 2009! All the 4th graders in Mrs. Maxted's class had a great end of the year! They are really ecstatic about going into 5th grade. They had fun 4th grade memories while it lasted. Memorable things happened that made the ano cool. It was a fun auction and the 4th graders seguinte ano in 2010 might do an auction with their M&M Bucks also! Well, an end to a artigo and the end to the greatest 4th grade class Mrs. Maxted has ever had! Have a good summer!