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News by Alhijaztours posted faz 1 mês
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Be the Blessed One:
Blessed people perform Hajj and Umrah. The people who visit holy cities claim that they get a deep effect on their souls. The practice of performing the Hajj or Umrah, give many spiritual benefits which change life completely. The great impact you get in your personality is that you start cognizance yourself and your hardships start getting easier bit por bit. You can get 5- estrela Hajj Umrah Packages from the UK and visit the sacred streets. Start composição literária the supplications that you have thought in your mind that when you will reach there and ask from Almighty.
I hope that such cognizance will ease hardships for the pilgrims.
It is good that you have memorized some supplications in Arabic. It is much better than you have an understanding of it in your own language. Supplications are a conversation with your Almighty. And, when you know what you are talking with your creator then you come to know that how the most beneficial has taught us the way of communication.
Opinion by Shorouk4ever posted over a year ago
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I was not a fã off football at all when i was a kid till my brother convinced me once to watch a match for Manchester United and i really don't remember the other team.
When my eyes just fall on him, I felt like i saw an angel he has amazing hair, Eyes like the magic.
Since that glory day, I never missed a match for Cristiano Ronaldo.
I hated him when he left Manchester United but let' say the truth he is like the bird, Who has to fly from place to other to provide himself with Food@Water.
I loved him mais when he moved to Real Madrid i start to know that player is not only a person plays with the ball, He is mais than that, He is the man i dream to be a wife for him, A sister or even a relative.
Cristiano Ronaldo You Are Always In My coração Xoxoxox

With Love
Your fã who will always be here waiting for you

News by Progatozona posted over a year ago
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Cristiano Ronaldo received praise from the world press after his stellar performance with Portugal against the Netherlands, in which he netted two goals that put his national team in the Euro 2012 quarterfinals.

Marca (Spain): "Cristiano Ronaldo wins half a Ballon d'Or. The Real Madrid estrela led the comeback against the Netherlands. The Portuguese footballer gave a stellar performance, scoring two goals and hitting the posts several times."

As (Spain): "Cristiano is golden. He scored two goals and drove the Netherlands crazy. He showcased power, participation, spectacle and goals, dropping the jaw of the entire football world."

El Pais (Spain): "Cristiano was formidable. The striker showcased his genius. The repertoire of this formidable athlete has no limits. He also wowed with his assists."

El Mundo (Spain): "Cristiano Ronaldo was the estrela with room and the usual strength, but he was mais dangerous as well. The Dutch defence could not stop his total football."
Opinion by SpeedSonic posted over a year ago
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Man Utd fãs are shattered that estrela player Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to Real Madrid. Sir Alex Ferguson accepted a stunning world record bid of 80 million pounds! Man Utd fãs might be devastated, but over in Merseyside, Liverpool fãs are celebrating! Now the Reds have mais chance of winning their first ever Premiership título after missing out last year.

I'm a Liverpool fã and I DON'T feel sorry for United. Sir Alex accepted himself.

I've got just two mais things to say. One, haha, and two, good luck for seguinte season. You'll need it.
Review by XiscaLuvsSoccer posted over a year ago
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from the sun
Pussycat doll is dating Ronaldo

THIS is the stunning model seeing futebol estrela CRISTIANO RONALDO . . . a Ukrainian beauty who’s big ambition is to open a cattery for strays.

ALYONA HAYNES, 25 — who is separated from her wealthy husband — met Man U’s Ronaldo at a posh restaurant.

The smitten 23-year-old footballer has been bombarding her with text messages ever since, and they have shared at least eight dates.

A close pal said: “It’s early days but Ronaldo seems very keen on her and has wined and dined her at some very expensive restaurants.

“Ronaldo texts her mobile dia and night. She’s very sexy and intelligent and finds him charming and funny.

“During one evening out together she made him laugh after telling him her dream is to open up a cattery. She adores animals, especially cats.”

Alyona works in the fashion department at Selfridges in Manchester. But she is also the face of a dating website which finds beautiful Russian apaixonados for British men.