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 Matthew Gray Gubler & Kirsten Vangsness
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'The Paley Center For Media Presents Inside Criminal Minds' Nov. 17th, '08
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"You sure you can handle babysitting por yourself?" JJ asked smirking. "Yeah! Don't worry about a thing!" Spencer answered in reassurance. "Okay, I'm only giving you one shot." JJ stated. "Come on JJ, I'm siked to spend some time with my godson!" Spencer added. JJ looked at him. "I'm not so sure if Will-" "What Will doesn't know won't hurt him." Spencer reassured. Emily smiled as she got up and went to check on a sleeping Derek.

Derek was still dead asleep. His headphones on and everything. Emily's smile grew alittle bigger when she heard him snore ever so faintly. She quietly went over and sat...
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Personally, i beleive seaver is COMPLETELY and utterly WRONG for reid. She is snarky, rude, and her father is an UNSUB for crying out loud! and she's a newbie. GO AWAY SEAVER! JJ is wrong for reid because um, i dunno, SHE IS MARRIED! She has been married for quite a while, now. I think Jordan should come back and be given a chance with Reid.

##########JORDAN+REID 4 INFINITY!!!!#############

(luv y'all)
anyways, tell me what you thyink of this article, my reid and jordan fans. read mrs jordan reid, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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