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This creepypasta fotografia might contain legging, leging, cobertura perna, perna cobrindo, coberta de perna, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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posted by puppygirl12114
As you may know, the popular show "Ed, Edd and Eddy" has been running for a long time. However, between October 7th, 2003 and October 21, 2003 episode 34 was accidentally released one week before it was scheduled to.

It was also known to some around the office the primary writer had been sick with the flu, and instead of going on to make episode 34, the show was supposed to replay episode 1. At 5:00am eastern, people reported a very disturbing new episode premiering on Cartoon Network - some children were unfortunate enough to see it.

Apparently the quality of the episode was mediocre when held...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Porter: oi guys *hanging from foot on tree*

Slender: what the heck is going on? who is this guy?

Lucius: he is a rouge SCP apparently, oi HOW DID YOU NOT SEE THAT ROPE TRAP!

Porter: well you were to busy chasing sonic you didn't listen to me when I said I was blind

Slender: good, he doesn't know I don't have a face

Porter: you don't have a face?

Slender: shi*

ToTheArk: where are we going to live?

Jeff: well...

Slender: no!

Jeff: he owes us!

Slender: no we are not living with Laughing Jack!

Jeff: do we have any other options?

Slender: fine...

Lucius: who is this "Laughing Jack"?

Slender: I will tell you later *unties rope*

Porter: *flop* ow...
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These are their theme songs. 1. I don't own this video. It belongs to Yoshinerd01. 2. Lmfao this is the link. (link Thank you (P.s. YHGTBKM LMAO)
theme songs
posted by FrostyBlazer
Zalgo: hmmmm...

Observer: hmmmm...

SL: hmmmm...

Lisa: hmmmm...

Targeter: hmmmm...

Pyris: hmmm...

BVRV: pika...

Zalgo: I got it!

All: what is it?

Zalgo: ok so someone knocks Slender out...

Observer: and?

Zalgo: then we bring him here and chain him to the wall...

Targeter: and?

Zalgo: then we capture his proxys and torture them so he gives up!

Observer: but wouldn't he just "Slender walk" out of the chains and warn them?

Zalgo: ._.

All: ._.

Zalgo: fuc*
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por Josef K.
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shadow demon
posted by FrostyBlaze
Slender: Observer, you are in charge

Observer: yes sir...

Slender: train the new proxy for me *slender walks*

*Ding Dong*

Masky: yes? *opens door*

???: contract for you sir

Masky: thanks seedy

SE: you are welcome masky

Masky: Who is your friend?

SE: His name is Porter... he is a rouge SCP

Lucius: ok lets add that to the what the hell is that list...

Sonic.EXE: now is my chance to get out of here!

Lucius: *shoots tazer*

Sonic.EXE: jnhjhbjanjkbneailoveKFCgjablaeamnsjn *faints*

Lucius: I win
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The red mist is coming.
youtube poop
red mist
posted by FrostyBlazer
Observer: you have disobeyed me for the last time!

Firebrand: I helped you burn down the house so YOUR FUC*ING WELCOME, IM OUT *teleports*

Rake: should I go after him?

Observer: no... he Is no threat

Firebrand: I must go find Slender...

Henry: not so fast "Rouge God"

Firebrand: who the hell are you? *creates fogo ball*

Henry: my name is Henry, and I'm here to tell you working with Slender is a bad idea

Firebrand: how so?

Henry:he wants to GET Zalgo, you want to KILL Zalgo, and we do also

Firebrand: I'm listening...

Henry: we would amor for you to be apart of our organization

Firebrand: I have nowhere else to go... LETS SET fogo TO HELL!

Henry: welcome to the society

Society of Killers
posted by FrostyBlazer
*meanwhile in the underworld*

Zalgo: *snickers*

Observer: whats so funny?!

Zalgo: oh, sorry... funny thing on the show

Observer: every one here?

All: yes sir!

Observer: go prepare yourselves for the seguinte attack...

All: yes sir! *all walk away*

Zalgo: oi Observer!

Observer: what...

Zalgo: I got new guys!

Observer: what?

Zalgo: meet Mr. Widemouth

Mr.W: hi!

Zalgo: Lisa

Lisa: hey...

Zalgo: Targeter

Targeter: ...

Zalgo: and Pyris

Pyris: Why am I here again?

Zalgo: they will be are new commanders

Observer: ._.
posted by FrostyBlaze
Zalgo: finally, my dia off...


Zalgo: WHAT?

SL: the grunts are having a fight again

Zalgo: then go take care of it

SL: how can I when you only addressed only half of them of my rank!

Zalgo: its my dia off

SL: its your kingdom!

Zalgo: its still my dia off!

SL: ._.

Zalgo: ._.

SL :c

Zalgo: :c

SL: :P

Zalgo: :P

SL: :l

Zalgo: :l

SL: :[

Zalgo: :[

SL: :B

Zalgo: :B

SL: thats it, im going to play on my DiPod

Zalgo: finally...


Zalgo: shi*
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Lucius: 1 dia and my new house is on fire

Slender: *sigh*

Masky: gah! *holds chest*

Hoody: whats wrong bro?

Masky: i'm having a coração attack- ak ak ak ak, you aughta know por now! *flop*

Lucius: nice Joel reference...

Hoody: Maksy! speak to me man!

Masky: cheese cake

Hoody: he's alive!

Lucius: good, i'm glad to know that a killer that I don't know is alive...

ToTheArk: do you always have to be like this?

Lucius: yes...

Slender: ok! everyone here?

all: yes sir!

Lucius: wait! where is that SCP guy?

Slender: who?
posted by FrostyBlazer
Me: hi guys im home!

Jeff rip offs: hi!

Jeff: *mph*

Me: what the hell is going on?!

Jeef: Jeff killed my brother

Jef: i have RED eyes

Jeffy: I have two knifes!

Jake: Im his step-brother!

Lucius: *drops cigarette*

*10 minuets later*

Me: did you have to burn my house!?

Lucius: yes

Jeff: what the hell was that?

Lucius: your fan-base

Jeff: im screwed

Me: were the hell am I supposed to live!

Lucius: hey, just walk it off...

Me: I hate you guys so much...