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You all have probably know about the new generation of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. It has, for one reason or another, become an overnight sensation. Whether or not you like the show yourself, you have to admit that its success is impressive.

However, it raises a question. Lauren Faust has worked on other popular shows, and has been working on her own line of toys, The Galaxy Girls. How did she wind up creating the re-make of some 80’s toy commercial instead of working on her own show ideas? It could be that she’s just nostalgic about her childhood MLP toys or something, but even...
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Ticci-Toby was talking about last night with Jeff and Eyeless Jack.
Ticci-Toby said, "and she even let me hold her hand. And she hates being touched".
Jeff, bored, said, "Wonderful. So, did you two por any chance... you know".
Ticci-Toby said, "What"?
Jeff said, "Did you two do it"?
Ticci-Toby tilted his head in confusion, and said, "It"?
Jeff said, "For gods sake, did you two have sex".
Ticci-Toby said, "Sex? What does that taste like"?
Jeff, annoyed, said, "Oh for the amor of god". Jeff then whispered in Toby's ear of what he meant. Toby's eyes widened and said, "No, Jeff, and I don't think it would...
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