Cream the Rabbit What's with all the Cream hate (DEFENDING CREAM)

BIGTHECATSUX posted on Aug 15, 2012 at 02:35AM
Cream is a great addition to the Sonic series, she is also the reason I am a Sonic fan, but these haters... OH GOD THESE HATERS! They troll Cream fans calling them pedos and all that
Reasons people hate Cream
1. She's annoying
Since when did she ever annoy anyone? She actually makes good friends with 70% of everyone from the Sonic Franchise. and if you were talking about everyone in real life, be more specific.
2. She's female (No really, some people actually hate her for being a GIRL)
One word: Sexist
3.She doesn't do anything
Lolno, she does a lot of stuff in the games, but in the series Sonic just pushes her into the background. She is also a great fighter
4. Tails is better (The 3rd most common reason so many people hate Cream)
.... okay, that's your opinion, IMO I think Cream is better than Tails (Come at me, Tails fans)
5. I want to "blah blah blah kill blah blah blah murder blah blah blah blood blah blah blah organs blah blah blah guts and gore blah blah blah death threats"

And why is that?

6. Spax3

Spax3 made Cream and her fans look bad, it's a good thing he's dead now.
7. She isn't interesting

Hmmm... lets see.... she saved her mother from Eggman, made a deadly, killer robot nice, SHE FLIES WITH HER EARS!!!! she has a special chao, a great fighter, (ETC.)
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