Crash Bandicoot Should Crash Have Been A Dog

crash1 posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 07:05PM
dogs are more popular than bandicoots so should crash have been a dog.

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over a year ago emisa123 said…
crash is awesome. i don't even know what a banicoot is!
besides. crash being a dog would sort of ruin the whole crash BANDICOOT thing
over a year ago 01crashlover10 said…
BANDICOOT. definently not a dog
over a year ago Scourgestar said…
at first i thought he was a dog but then i found out is not
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over a year ago glelsey said…
Bandicoot is more original. There are tons of fictional dogs in the world already.

Sometimes in media, people use "unusual" animals to make the character more distinctive. Personally, whenever I hear anything to do with bandicoots I immediately think of Crash, because I had never even heard of the animals until I'd heard of him!

Same with the old game Lemmings. I didn't know there was such animal to begin with. Now, whenever lemmings are mentioned I think of the Lemmings games.