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This Code Lyoko fotografia might contain anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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Code Lyoko 66-70
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Code Lyoko!!

Episode 103: XANA's Bite

"Ungh…" Ulrich groaned as he felt something wet on his face. He turned onto his side and saw Kiwi staring him in the face! The little dog almost looked as if he was grinning, and Ulrich growled as he sat up and tossed Kiwi unceremoniously onto the floor. He then grabbed his travesseiro and threw it at Odd's head. "Odd! Your dog woke me up again! And its Sunday for crying out loud!" he complained as Odd groaned and groggily sat up.
"Well it's not my fault…" he whined.
"Your dog, your fault," Ulrich replied as he got up and grabbed a pair...
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I nicked it from link and add Sissi and William too.

Odd Della Robbia
[] You are a flirt.
[] You are very artistic.
[] You see the life as a game.
[] You make jokes about everything.
[] Purple.
[] You have a odd sense of fashion.
[ ] Your feet stink.
[] You eat a lot.
[] You amor potatoes.
[] You like animals.

Jeremie Belpois
[] You're good at school
[] You are very intelligent. (Only not in Maths -_-)
[] You are a computer wizard.
[] You dislike P.E.
[] You are the leader of your group.
[ ] You have a picture of Einstein.
[] You are on topo, início of your class. (2nd best)
[] You want to help people who are in...
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„Why do they call this a beauti drink?“ asked Sissi herself irritated staring at a rosa, -de-rosa bottle with it‘s name.

Yumi passed por Sissi and noted Sissi‘s face.

„What‘s the matter Sissi?“ asked Yumi ironic.

„Get a life Ishiyama...wait...can you read Thai?“ asked Sissi.

„Thai?“ asked Yumi surprised. „Do I look like one?“

„I just asked you, if you could read it not, if you were one“

„First of all, no I can‘t and second, just because it‘s called beauti drink, it doesn‘t mean, it makes you beautiful“

„But why do there the woman all look pretty?“ asked Sissi sad.

Finally, the revelation of the Code Lyoko cast! US viewers can catch a sneak visualização episode of Code Lyoko: Evolution coming early 2013 only on Kabillion! Subscribe at link
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