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NAZIE posted on Nov 15, 2009 at 09:35AM
what is your very favorite movie of all time?
ME: dinner at 8, if you know classic movies you might have seen this movie, its funny and sad and a very good movie, you can see it on TCM, this is just one of my movies I have alot more movies Iam crazy about. NAZIE

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over a year ago deedeeflower said…
I've seen it once I think. Is it the one with Jean Harlow?
over a year ago Anishacole13 said…
My favorite movie is "Avatar". I have watched ever.

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over a year ago pottersgirl78 said…
Sound of Music,followed by The Wizard Of Oz, Marry Poppins Charlie and the choclate factory with Gene Wilder ect.
over a year ago mikethecat said…
big smile
my favorite biblical movies, shirley temple movies, judy garland movies !!!!!!
over a year ago independntmnd said…
My all time favorite movie is (as if everybody doesn't know it by now...LOL) West Side Story! I can never really put a finger on it, but something about this film beckons me to watch it every time! It's a hard film for me to resist, and I always feel like I'm watching it for the first time when I watch it, especially when it's in a real movie theatre, on a great big, wide screen, with the lights down low!
over a year ago SoapGirl79 said…
Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand. Clamity Jane with Doris Day. Any Bogie and Bacall Movie. The Graduate. Rebel Without a Cause. Gone With the Wind. Casablanca.