disney clássico The *OFFICIAL* List Of disney Animated Classics!

loves-oth posted on Oct 04, 2009 at 08:38PM
i know there are countless versions of what films are classics and what aren't!

me and my boyfriend are actually collecting the disney classics on dvd currently, which is hard considering some were only released as limited editions!

anyway, lots of research has been done on my count to find what the true disney classics are.

it's easy in the uk, and most dvd covers have the usual disney classics logo, the disney with the 'classics' written underneath the arch.

and also, there is the wonderful tool of having 'disney's _th animated classic' on the back as well!

so after coutless searches and lots of research, i have made up the official list of disney classics! according to the dvds, and a very handly leaflet i found caled 'which one are you missing?' with a big list on them.

anyway, i'm posting an article on this spot with the official list, please check it out.


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