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posted by DarkSarcasm
I was experimenting with the someecards format, and these happened.

So here are a few disney Truth Bombs, of varying degrees of truth and image quality, ranging from serious to not-so-serious. Hope you get a nod or a smile out of 'em.

You think the only people who are people,
Are the people who look and think like you.

(Colors of the Wind, Pocahontas)
Oomp, there it is.

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake.

(Under the Sea, The Little Mermaid)
Humans want to be mermaids. Mermaid wants to be human. Preach all you want, Sebastian, that's just the way it's always gonna be.

We don't like what we don't understand,
In fact, it scares us!

(The Mob Song, Beauty and the Beast)
Well, mob, as long as you're aware.

It's she who holds her tongue who gets her man!
(Poor Unfortunate Souls, The Little Mermaid)
I bet you'd like me to let this go without comment, wouldn't you, Disney?! Yeah, okay.

Though we adore men individually,
We agree that as a group they're rather stupid.

(Sister Suffragette, Mary Poppins)
Buuuurn. That's hardcore, 1960s Disney.

We are Siamese if you please,
We are Siamese if you don't please.

(Siamese Song, Lady and the Tramp)
Cats just flat-out don't give a fish. The End.

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Now this is just my point of view, but I find it a little bit ironic that one of the most realistically portrayed disney females comes in the shape of a pixie! When it comes to typical proportions, the average woman can mais easily identify with a winged sprite?! I mean, not everybody has a beautiful hourglass figure! Having somebody who is a little bottom-heavy is comforting.

While Tinker sino does have a super-skinny waist, she is the only disney female I have seen whose lower body is not exactly proportionate to her upper body.
When I realized this, it made me feel so much better...
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Okay, so I'll try to write an article. As much as I amor Disney, one of the things that I am most attracted to in a movie is the music, and of course you have to have a good cantar voice for that. So this artigo is just of my topo, início 10 favourite disney cantar voice (the título is a big give away ^^). Oh, if you happen to hate the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I suggest you don't read this! Also, this is only for characters that speak. There are lots of voices through (usually) End Credit Songs that would be in this list if they actually had been characters.

Just missed the cut: Belle (Paige O'Hara),...
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disney Sing Along Songs: Friend Like Me is a disney Sing Along Songs video released on April 30, 1993. From JustSomeDisneyFans @ YouTube.
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