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added by Jamie38459
added by Jamie38459
Scene 23- Inside the ruins(Finally, we can get on with this part)...

Narrator: *Whispers* And so, we finally caught up with our heroes inside these ancient and yet weird ruins. As you can see, they are pretty much tired of walking around and doing nothing but crap, well, it looks like only Rodney's tired and wants to stop and rest for a little while before they go any further.

*Hella and Fairy godmother keep walking and looking around, while Rodney was walking, panting, and sweating.*
Rodney: oi you guys, can't we just stop and rest for a little while before we go any further?

Narrator: What...
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Scene 22- Outside of th ruins(And it was nite time)...

Bobby: *Starts shakin in fear* Aw man, its gettin dark now.
Peggy: Oh dont B such a baby.
Bobby: But U know how I freekin hate th dark damn it!
Peggy: Relax, as long as we R keepin an eye on them(Yadda yadda yadda) WHILE we R flying repeatingly(As in were in plain site), we hav nothin 2 worry about.
Bobby: *Starts shakin some more* Uh, I think I saw somethin!
Peggy: Pfft! Probably a small creature who's tryin 2 find some food.
Bobby: Peggy U dont know much about animais as I do, I even saw Animal Planet and Discovery channel WAY mais than...
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Scene 21- A aleatório cave :P

Narrator: Meanwhile thousands of miles away-
*Anabel, Denaji, and Rebecca stop running and start panting*
Narrator: No.
Anabella: Grrr...
Narrator: As I was saying, meanwhile these poor defenseless losers R tired from running away from some ugly looking monsters who ARE NOT THAT FREE KIN STRONG AND COULD EASILY B DEFEATED IF ONLY SOME1 HAD-
Denaji: Damn it, Y cant we get anything good in our lives? Other than torturing Hella which was hilarweous!
Rebecca: U talk lik a 2 ano old.
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Scene 1- outside of th stepsister's house.
Narrator: Once upon a freekin time, there was a tall guy named Carl, and a little girl(that's her daughter) named Hella. They used 2 been happy 2gether doin alot of stuf, havin such great memories, talkin, playin, and laughin at other people injurin themselves on AFV. One day, the 2 of them were going 2 visit Carls new wife at her old,tall,wrinkly,ugly(AND EVIL!) house(shes Hella's stepmom), Along with her daughters Anabella and Denaji(but no one cares about them since they have no life).
Scene 2-Hospital(fast forwarding a few days).
It was a pity...
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Meanwhile thousands of miles away(Scene 20)......

Bobby: Where do ya think we R now?
Peggy: Beats me, but I'd rather die than go 2 somewhere lik this.
Rodney: Ur already in a place lik this.
Peggy: Really? There's another location that is rotten and icky lik where we R rite now?
Rodney: Um, the royal castle?
Hella and Fairy Godmother: Agreed.
Hella: U have been there B4?
Fairy Godmother: Oh yes, when I was little B4 I took this job as a fairy godmother-
Rodney: So U werent born as a fat fairy?
Fairy Godmother(Deep voice): What was that honey?
*Rodney screams and hides Bhind Hella* Uh, I didnt...
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*Ship continues 2 fall and every1 still screams lik sissys and holds on2 somethin*
Rebecca: *Points at Denaji* This is all Ur fault!
Denaji: My fault? How is this my fault?
Rebecca: Cuz if U guys werent so stupid and didnt get so fukin distracted, WE WOULDNT HAV BEEN IN THIS MESSS!
Anabel: Actually, we would hav been in it either way....
Rebecca: Shut up Ana.
Anabel: I'm sry, WHAT WAS THAT?
Rebecca: I said-
*Door opens(Lik a spaceship door)*
Hella: Jump 4 it!
Rodney: What?
Hella: JUMP 4 IT!
Rodney: WHAT?
*Hella pushes him off, hears him scream lik a sissy, and jumps off after him. Same with...
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Scene 18- Spaceship, Hallway #4
Rodney: Well this is just great.
Bobby: What?
Rodney: I think weve been running in circles!
Peggy: We hav? *Slaps* C? I told ya we needed 2 go 2 th 3rd hallway, but did ya listen? Nooooooo-
Bobby: Alrite alrite, I freekin get it!
Jackal: *Shushes them* Some1s comin.
*Th sounds of footsteps were comin closer, Rodney and Co. hide Bhind th walls and wait 4 th rite time 2 strike(Attack). The footsteps were comin closer and closer, then they go near th walls 2 C if any1 was there(Closer and closer blah blah blah), until suddenly... WHAM! They get knocked out. Only it wasnt...
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Narrator: Where we last left off-
Rebecca: Huh? Who said that?
Narrator: Uh, nobody.
Rebecca: I can hear U talkin.....
Hella: Yea, we can hear U. Who R U anyway?
Narrator:(Crap, what am I supposed 2 tell them?) Uh, I am a ghost, who hauntz people. Rebecca: Im not a person, Im an alien.
Narrator: Really? Well, where am I now?
Rebecca: *Stops using magic on Hella and drops her. She(Hella) falls 2 th ground.* Hey, Im an alien, not a wizard.
Narrator: Or mindreader, or witch, or warlock-
Rebecca: IM A GIRL DAMN IT!!
Narrator: *Ghost voice* Girls can B warlocks 2. OOOOOOOOOHH! Rebecca: Now Im startin 2 think...
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Tank: Well, any last words?
Rodney: Uh, Im hot? *Tank pauses 4 a few seconds. So do Bobby and Peggy.* Bobby: O... K... That was random. Peggy: Really.
Tank: Weird. Anyways, its time 2 say buh-bye! *But B4 he got th chance 2 knock him off, Rodney jumped on th rails* Tank: Hey, what R ya- *Rodney salutes* Tank: U aint thinkin about- *Rod jumps on th metal rope and slowly crawls down 2 where Bobby and Peggy R. He then grabs a flamethrower and turns it on in a lightbeam mode(thankfully not full blast) 2 cut through th ropes* Peggy: Thx 4 savin us.
Rodney: No prob. Bobby: Whered ya get th flamethrower?...
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Meanwhile in th boiler room(Scene 15)....
Alien 1: Ah! Did U get him?
Alien 2: Almost... *Alien cachorros keep runnin around until the alien girls finally catch'em*
Alien 1 + 2: Gotcha! *Slaps each others hands in the air* OUCH! Not so hard, damn it!
*Hologram shows up* Stella(Human form): What is th hold up? * Aliens turn 2 th hologram and bow*
Alien 2: Sry bout that mther- I mean master.
Alien 1: We had 2 take care of these idiot mutts.
Stella: I dont care about th excuses U amateurs make up all th time! I just want U 2 show up with th prisoners so we(And por we I mean me) can finish th recital(Or...
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added by Jamie38459
Hella: No, Im serious U idiot! Shut up and listen... Bobby: I WANT 2 LIVE!!! LIVE I TELL YA!
Hella: Hey, thats what I said a long time ago.
Rodney: Wow, U sure werent kiddin when U said that- Hella: Of course I wasnt kidding U dimwitted d***head! Now lets get out of here B4 somethin bad happens 2 them. *Struggles*
Rodney: Them? Hella: Bobby and Peggy, 2 of my only friends in this freekin planet! R ya gona do somethin or what?
Rodney: Oh, yea, right. *struggles* Hey, I know what we can do.
Hella: U want me 2 kick U so hard until U start Peeing and makes a hole through th ropes and then we break...
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Scene 14- Inside th spaceship, prisoner room #1.
Narrator: Meanwhile in th evil alien ship thingy, our unusual heroes(so far) R still unconcious as they- *Hella opens her eyes* never mind shes wakin up...
Hella: *Mutters somethin then fully wakes up and looks around and Cs that shes tied up with Rodney who is also awake from being knocked out, but is now snoring. She whispers 2 him*
Psst, Hey! oi Rodney! Wake up! Wake up U idiot! *Rodney stil snores, so Hella decided 2 kick him(dont ask how)* Rodney: OW! Whatd ya do that 4?
Hella: *shushes him* Not so loud! Do U want th alien freaks 2 hear...
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Hella: Eh? Why? Denaji: Cuz I simply cannot let U get away with what were doin, and now that U no our plans of world domination, WE WILL HAV 2 EAT U! Hella: But I didnt no about ur plan untill now.
Denaji: *alien voice* Dont play dumb with me! Do U really think I'm that stupid?
Hella: Yes. Denaji: Well- wait really?
Hella: Ur th idiot who told me ur plans of world domination. *scpaceship door opens and Anabella come out then transforms in2 her true alien form 1 gets out* Alien 1: She is rite ya know. *whacks her* U just had 2 tell her our plans! I just cant believe that mother thinks ur th...
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Scene 12- Outside.
Rodney: Now look what Uv done U idiotz!
Soilder: Hey! Dont U know that that spy is... a spy from th evil witch Stelainia.
Rodney: How do U know?
Soilder: She flew on a freekin flyin carpet cama
Rodney: *sarcasm* O wow, thats sooo reasonable.
Knight 1: Dude, R U ok?
Knight 2: Yea, *grabs capacete when Charles stops him be4 he puts it back on*
Charles: Hold it rite there.
Knights: Eh?
Charles: *talks 2 self* This girl... could she B? *speaks up* Ive decided that the girl who fits in2 this ugly lookin helmet, shall B my bride. All but Charles: WHAT? *Kuffy runs out* R U...
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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy 2 help me.
Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch ur every move. the only difference is that we go 2 that location 2 help with whatever. Jackal: C? I told U Santa was real! Hella: Y didnt U come 2 help me be4-
Fairy godmother: (sounded annoyed)4 crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring some1 back from the dead! Peggy: So, U know about that royal ball then? Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take U there wit just a snap of this wand.
Bobby: Wouldnt it break?
Fairy godmother: Uh,...
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Scene 7- Stellas house(main room).
*Knock knock* Anabella: THE DOORS ALIVE! *hides under the table*
Denaji: No U idiot, some1's outside of the door.
Anabella: Oh. *gets out from under th table* I'll go get it. Denaji: No, I'll go get it!
Anabella: No, I wanna get it! *She and Denaji beat up each other* Hella: *Groans and walks 2 the door, then opens it.* WTF happened 2 Ur clothes? Rodney: While I was deliverin mail 2 all of the girls at the cities, I got chased por a bunch of frogs and fell in a lake. Or was it a swamp? Hella: *holds her nose* Ok, What invitation? Rodney: *holds them up* The...
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*Steve creeps in closer and closer and then jumps 2 attack, but instead his claws got stuck 2 the ball and Denaji hits it. It goes flying and whacks through Stellas hat and in2 the water. Bobby was now able 2 get himself out of there just in time(by climbing on the side of the land) cause that ball(where Steves still clawed on 2) heads 4 th waterfall*
Denaji + Anabella: STEVE! * Runs 2 go get him on the other side and Stella follows*
Peggy: Wow, that wasnt so hard.
Bobby: *gets out of the water soaked* Yea, no thx 2 U! Peggy: Well sry I couldnt think of a plan! Bobby: Ah, whatever. Lets just...
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