Santa Baby!
Hi guys, I know that this artigo is pretty early, but I thought that I write about why I amor natal and how I celebrate it here in Malaysia.


Every year, my church (I'm not baptized yet, mind you) would organised a special occasion. But the common one is definitely caroling, the location is normally depends because we need to get the approval from the management team themselves.
On natal Eve, we would have a night service accompanied por jantar prior to the service. A few days earlier, the youths would decorate the church with the birth of jesus and setting up the natal tree.
Although I come from a Buddhist family, we also decorate the house with a natal tree. We even put our presents underneath the árvore for decoration, it is really fun to decorate the tree!


As mentioned, I come from a Buddhist family. Despite that, we are very open-minded people, we amor natal because it is a time of give and take. As well as to learn about the birth of jesus and what God give us because He works in mysterious ways in a good and bad way!
I had the best natal so far and I hope that this ano will be a happy one too, I also pray that this ano will be a happy and blissful ano for everybody in the whole wide world.

As Long as There's Christmas

As long as there is Christmas, the message of amor and caring will always be in our hearts. Thank you so much!
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