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fugiami posted on Mar 02, 2010 at 09:45PM
there are times when i doubt god exists. i sin more and more often now. i want to believe in god and i want to have undying devotion to him, but i am having such problems. i fear he doesn't exist. i fear of going to hell. i try so hard to believe, to change my thoughts, to pray. i've been going to church, but for whatever reason, it doesn't help. please help me. i am such a mess. i don't want to be a non-believer. i pray but it feels as if no one hears me.i feel so hopeless. i want to be a good christian, i want to follow in gods footsteps, but i can't. i'm frustrated beyond sense. i don't want to be like the ancient greeks who spent their lives worshipping all in all nothing. please, if there is anyone out there, please help me. i need to be saved. i want to be saved. please. i need advice and hope and assurance. please. save me from myself. i am desperate.

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over a year ago Cinders said…
Have you tried talking to your pastor? S/he's probably the most qualified person to talk to about crises of faith.

But I do have something to say on the subject. You said you don't want to be like the Greeks, ignorantly believing in false idols all their lives. I can understand that sort of doubt. But that perspective already implies that you believe that the Christian God is the one true God. If you find comfort in that knowledge, then you've already won. Christians call this feeling Christ's love. Or, at least part of Christ's love.

If you want to believe, then talk to your pastor. Do a little research about your religion. Do research about other religions. Figure out exactly what it is about Christ that really speaks to you, personally. Also, take a break from stressing about it. They say Christ is always with you. Maybe if you stop constantly worrying and thinking and trying so hard, the spirit will find you.

But most of all, for the third time, I stress - talk to your pastor.

"With God nothing shall be impossible." -- Luke 1:37
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