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Josie ran.

“Maybe I made a mistake thinking you’d understand!”

“Well maybe I made a mistake
marrying you!”

She ran, not heeding the tempest that tore at her clothes nor caring where she fled to as long as it was someplace far from home. Away from the chaos of her fighting parents and the hopelessness of the choice she was faced with.

“A tumor?”

“’s pressing on your brain stem and growing very rapidly. If it isn’t taken care of soon, it will be life-threatening...the surgery, however, would cost you your hearing... Permanently...”

Her coração pounded in time with her feet;...
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Last year, I wrote an artigo where I talked about Carrie Fisher's death, because I thought it would be an interesting idea to talk about, especially to close off the year. So, I decided to do the same, but this time, I want to talk about a topic that's been heavily debated por millions across the planet. I'm not trying to be super philosophical, but rather share with you my point of view.

A few days ago, I decided to look up a few vídeos about souls and the afterlife. I look up a video that talked about theories of what could happen. Most of them seemed reasonably beliveable, except for the...
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As Esther wandered the streets of Londres with her cousin, she thought of Faith and Chiwen. Chiwen, very... very...well... persistent. Esther couldn't think of another way to describe her. Yes, she did amor Chi-chi very much, but she sometimes not on Esther's nerves. She was constantly trying to bring her to this 'Christ'. She did admire Chi-chi for her persistence, but she did it so often, it felt as is Esther were being nagged. I that's all Christians did, Esther didn't want any part of it.

Faith, an angel in disguise if there ever was one. She did amor Faith ever so much. She knew that bestie...
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