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Exclusive clip from the upcoming "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return"
legends of oz: dorothy's return
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A Monster in Paris
a monster in paris
la seine
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Hi guys! In the last couple of weeks I read a number of artigos about favourite animated heroines or most beautiful animated heroines, so I decided to post two articles, one with my favourite heroines, and one with the animated heroines I find most beautiful. So enjoy and share which your favourite animated heroines are :)

20. IRENE (The Princess and the Goblin)

 Let me give you a kiss to thank you.
Let me give you a kiss to thank you.
One of the cutest animated characters ever made. I really like Irene, because she is a dreamer and an explorer, she wants to find both adventures and friends. The thing I don't really like about...
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I like animated movies... a lot. And whenever looking my favorito filmes EVER they do happen to pop up a lot. But sometimes it's hard to remember that the world of animation isn't dominated por disney and it's nice to remember filmes I enjoyed that didn't have a big name behind them so here I am to share some animated filmes I amor that are not connected to the biggest names in animation namely Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and Studio Ghibli. also I am going to avoid filmes that you had to see a TV show or animê to fully appreciate it so alas I must say sorry to "Kim Possible a stich in time" and...
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