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posted by scarletunicorn
So I've been lately into classic mythology and literature all of a sudden and I thought it'd be a good idea to see popular characters from animated filmes matched up to characters from greek mythology.

Obviously i won't be using any characters from Hercules, since that would be easy, and it's mais fun to see comparisons with different things. I wanted to make it balanced and add also non-Disney, but it was a little difficult. I hope this match up is good, and tell me if you have some suggestions for some characters i didn't choose or matches you think fit better.

Sooo, let's get started.

1) Zeus-...
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Out of the three options for artigo ideas, this was the topo, início choice por a landslide. I've actually been thinking of composição literária about this for a long time, but the rankings were always a blur until now. I was originally going to make a topo, início 15 until an error happened and I had to start all over again :( Also fanpop is pretty much dead right now, so I'll write the other artigos when it's mais active :/

Honorable Mentions: Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid), Stand Out (A Goofy Movie), Can You Feel the amor Tonight (The Lion King), The Last Unicorn (''), Jack's Lament (The Nightmare Before Christmas),...
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