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I've decided to put whether I actually liked the films aside to spotlight some films who have ladies as main protagonists (not secondary) so this list is not in any particular order. I am excluding disney and pixar since you probably have seen a majority of them. Sadly I am not mentioning Ghibli films because they are a company where about 90% of their films are led to girls so all I have to do is tell you to pick up almost any one of their filmes to get some leading ladies. I will also mention the barbie films because ALL of them have female leads.
Note these are filmes I have actually watched so if you wanna give a shout out to another movie in the comments feel free because it's always great to have mais ladies in our animated movies.

Movies you've definitely heard about because they get mentioned plenty here on fanpop


anastasia is an orphan has been her whole life as far as she knows and after leaving the orphanage she decides to go to Paris since its the only clue on hand she has to her past. There she meets con man Dimitri who convinces her she's the lost princess and they both start the journey to get her back to her only living family, her grandmother.

Swan Princess

Odette and Derek have been pushed towards each other since childhood in hopes that they would get married and unite their lands, only problem is that they don't really like each other. When it finally seems that they might amor each other, Rothbart, a wizard who swore revenge on her father, comes and wisks her away. He curses her into a cisne form which he is only willing to break if she agrees to marry him, which she refuses to. Leaving her only other option is to get Derek to prove that he loves her to the world.

Quest for camelot

Kayley has always dreamed of being a knight just like her father was. When the sword excaliber is stolen she's determined to be the one who finds it and so her journey starts. Along the way she meets Garrett, dragons, and many obstacles in hopes of being the best knight ever.

Movies you maybe know about


Crysta is training to one dia be a fairy who helps the forest. She accidently uses her magic to shrink a human named Zak, and tries to teach him to respect the forest, meanwhile an ancient evil of the forest is set free...


Coraline is bored. There's nothing to do at the new house she moved to. With her parents ignoring her, the odd boy annoying her, and the neighbors being too weird for her to want to talk to them she has no idea what to do. So at her mom's rather dry suggestion she decides to explore her house and discovers a door leading to a world that has everything she wants. Turns out Coraline is also everything the world wants... to the point where it doesn't want her to leave.


Mk feels awkward at her dad's house. He's always rambling about seeing little people and she doesn't know how to deal with it. After a storm hits her, she is turned into a little person and realizes that the world her dad believes in is real, and the little men need her help.


Once upon a time a woman wished to be a mother and out a flor came a girl no bigger than a thumb. The mother and daughter amor each other very much but Thumbelina wishes that she wasn't alone. Enter Prince Cornelius who falls in amor with her and she with him. However so does a frog who kidnaps her and takes her far away from home. From there starts Thumbelina's journey to go início and be reunited with Cornelius.

Secret of Nimh

Mrs. Frisby just wants some medicine to help her son. But through some circumstances she comes face to face with the rats of Nimh, genetically modified super smart rats, and gets involved in their internal strife over their moral consciousness.


The aliens who have invaded earth have also separated Tip from her mother and she's determined to get back to her. With the help of Oh, an alien whose gotten himself into some pretty big trouble with his own kind, she starts her journey.

Chicken Run

Mrs. Tweedy's farm holds rebellious chicken Ginger, who is always trying to escape since she knows that every chickens fate is to die once they stop hatching eggs. After a flying rooster lands she rallies up all the chickens to learn to fly so that they can escape their fates.

Movies that you probably haven't heard about

Princess and the pea

On the dia of Daria's birth her cousin Hildgarde is also born to her aunt and uncle who trades their places and gives Daria to the care of some aleatório peasants in the hopes that his bloodline will be on the throne. But what might unravel all his plans is a single pea.

Little Prince

Once there was a litte girl. She knows exactly what she is going to be in life, her mother's told her all her life. All she has to do is follow the timetable set before her exactly and everything will be alright. But she meets a strange neighbor who starts to tell her the story about a litte prince who lived on an asteroid and loved a rose mais than anything in the world...

A cat in paris

Zoe never really questioned where her cat went at night. but after it brings her back a rather valuable gift her mother starts to, leading to a confrontation with a gang boss, the very one who murdered her father....

Snow queen 1957

Once there was a mirror that magnified the ugliness that was seen por the person who looked into it. It broke into many pieces and one of those pieces falls into the eye of Kai, Gerda's best friend in the world. The snow queen takes him away and Gerda sets off on a journey to set him free, both from the snow queen and the hold of the curse stuck in his eye.

animê filmes

Hans Christian Andersen's little mermaid

Following closely to it's original story is the tale of a little mermaid who fell in amor with the prince she rescued. To be with him she trades away her voice and heads to a tragic end should he not fall in amor with her in return.

Hotarubi no mori e

Young Hotaru loses her way one dia and meets a peculiar boy who refuses to allow himself to be touched but helps on her way home. but she keeps coming back and they build a friendship, which turns into something more....

Wolf Children

Hana was a college student when she met the amor of her life. He reveals to her that he is a lobo man, and she accepts this and they have two children. However a tragic accident takes him away from her leaving her a single mother of two children who are half wolf.

Girl who leapt through time

Makoto Konno accidently finds a way to turn back time, she starts to use it in little ways to make her life better not yet aware of the bigger consequences this could have.

Children who chase lost voices

After is Asuna is saved por a boy from a monster she unfortunately has to wait till "later" to get information about it. Later never comes as the boy is dead the seguinte day. por coming in contact with the boy however she is exposed to a lost world underneath the earth...

Angel's egg

All alone in a dark isolated world is a girl who only seems to collect water bottles and protect an egg.

(note: a majority of this film has NO dialogue, or apparent plot)
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Thank you everyone for participating! I was inspired por BelleAnastasia's artigos to make one like this myself. Though it's not the same thing, I don't do creative collages but I hope you guys will still like this! I was going to write about the placements but I later didn't see the need of doing so for this, I'll just read your comments whether you agree with this list or not. What I like about it is that the animated females don't need to have perfect traits to be included, it is about looks but other attributes can make a character sexy. Some who made the list don't usually get a lot of recognition for their looks which is refreshing.

 Honorable Mentions: 15. Belle 14. Helga 13. Tzipporah 12. Vanessa 11. Ariel
Honorable Mentions: 15. Belle 14. Helga 13. Tzipporah 12. Vanessa 11. Ariel
 10. Holli Would
10. Holli Would
 9. Babette
9. Babette
 8. Pocahontas
8. Pocahontas
 7. Kida
7. Kida
 6. Eris
6. Eris
 5. Chel
5. Chel
 4. Jessica Rabbit
4. Jessica Rabbit
 3. Megara
3. Megara
 2. jasmim
2. Jasmine
 1. Esmeralda
1. Esmeralda
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Ok, so I already did a getting to know me artigo on the disney Princess spot a couple months ago, but it doesn't really say that much about me, and the way of composição literária these on this fã page is absolutely awesome. So let's get started!

My name is Darby-Adele. My friends call me Darby, at least they would if I had any friends. I'm 13 years old, and my birthday is on March 29. I live in the USA, in Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. I amor English and History, and they're the only two classes I genuinely enjoy at school. My hobbies include baking, drawing, acting, reading, writing, swimming, biking,...
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Just a fun movie about our lovely disney-non disney heroes I dont own any clips or filmes
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