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It took me a long time to get this all put together. While I was make this list my coração just completely broke. It was really hard deciding what scenes would be included and which wouldn't. There's a lot of sad moments that unfortunately didn't make the cut. I had to watch many sad clips and it killed me to have to watch them, they broke my heart! I cried so many times and I'm a guy who hardly ever cries! Anyway please leave a comment telling me what you think, enjoy.

20.Ariel's Left Brokenhearted

I hate when people say this isn't sad and that Ariel doesn't work hard or deserve a happy ending. She worked harder than most heroines ever do for their happy endings. She gave up her home, family, friends, her species, and most of all her voice all for Eric. She actually thought she had a chance to be with Eric. He made it clear on the ship he didn't find a girl that was interesting to him. She actually felt like she was the first girl he found interesting and that gave her hope that he actually cared for her the same way that she did for him. For once she felt like she actually belonged and that this was the one guy who truly understood her. She wakes up hearing that Eric was getting married thinking it was her because she was the only girl he had contact with. She's excited and thought it was her who he wanted to marry but instead sees another woman. Hearing that he wishes to marry this girl as soon as possible and she just runs off crying. She doesn't know that he's under mind-control and that the girl is just the sea witch in disguise. She couldn't even bring herself to attend the wedding. She just watches the ship sail away thinking all her hard work was for nothing. I couldn't bare to see the tears in that poor girl's eyes. It's not higher because it's too short.

19.Heaven's Light Reprise

This is one of the main reasons that I hate Esmeralda, not the only reason but definitely one of the main reasons. Quasimodo spends the whole dia worrying about Esmeralda, wondering if she was okay. When she finally shows up she brings another guy. Quasimodo hates letting this guy in but does it because he cares about Esmeralda. It breaks my coração that they had them kiss in front of Quasi. They could've at least waited until he left the room since I think Esmeralda knew that he had feelings for her. She kissed him on the cheek to get him to do whatever she wanted. The card with a coração it that Quasi ripped represents both his and my heart. I just wanted to strangle her! I couldn't stand to see the tears in his eyes. I actually had faith that maybe a pretty girl or any girl could actually feel for her. He's a hideous person who never had any hope that any girl would amor him and Esmeralda comes, give him hope than it's destroyed. Don't worry Quasi you can do much better than her, in fact you did! Madellaine is much better and prettier than Esmeralda! Anyway this isn't higher because it's just too short for me to feel as much as I do for the others.

18.Pocahontas Ending

The one time in disney history where there's not a happy ending in the movie. The two of them spend the entire movie trying to stop the hate so that they could be together. When their amor in finally accepted, they still can't be together. John Smith is shot saving the Chief. John Smith has to go back to England or he'd die. Pocahontas is given a choice to either go with him or stay. She claims that she can't go because she's needed there. John refuses to leave without her but she says he has to go. He she's he can't leave her but she says he never will and that no matter what happens she'll always be with him, forever. They share one last kiss and John is taken away while their hands are slipping apart from each other. This is so sad Nakoma cries. Pocahontas tries to be strong and not to cry. She ends up running to the cliff for another last goodbye. Than the scene ends with If I Never Knew you in the end credits, which makes if even sadder. I hate this ending so much, disney of all people is suppose to have happy endings. I think this version is even sadder and mais heartbreaking link . It's not higher because there's a chance that John will actually come back for her, ignoring the stupid sequel.

17.Christmas Is Ruined

This is a sad moment that I don't think people pay too much attention to. Belle goes to find a natal árvore in the woods and Beast thinks she was trying to leave. She ends up almost drowning until Beast saves her. Fife blames himself for all of this but Lumiere says they all deserve some blame for daring to hope for a Christmas. Beast takes Belle to the dungeon and she tries to tell him that she wasn't trying to leave but that she was just trying to make him happy. He refuses to listen and tells her that she will rot in the dungeon forever. It breaks me coração that Belle has lost all her faith when she says "I should've known you'd never be anything, but a beast" while a tear goes down her face. She never wanted to force him to change or to leave all she wanted was to bring some joy and happiness to him. It becomes midnight and all the servants are sad, Lumiere wishes Cogsworth a marry natal in a sad way, Cogs worth just replies, "If only it were". We go to Beast who feels hurt por Belle, he actually believed that she was the one. I always hate it in those natal specials and filmes whenever natal is ruined. All Belle wanted to do is make everyone happy for once in a long time, but it was all a disaster. She thought she could make a difference but nothings changed. This was Chip's real official natal and the fact that it was ruined makes it worse. I cry during this scene. The reason it's not higher is because while I do still cry, as the scene continues it gets happy. When Angelic says she was wrong, that's when I start crying in a happy way. The As Long As There's natal Reprise makes me bawl in happy tears. So I guess that and the others are just mais heartbreaking.

16.Charlie Says Goodbye To Anne-Marie

Yet another movie where there's a sad ending. Charlie had died saving her life and had gone to hell. He goes to Anne-Marie in ghost form when she was sleeping, he cried saying he was sorry. However he gets to go to heaven because he proved himself when he gave his life for her. He had to say goodbye to Anne-Marie. She asked him if she would ever see him again and he lied saying she would. He's dead and he knew that they would never see each other ever again. Well that is until she dies. When that poor sweet adorable little girls says I amor you it just breaks me heart, especially when Charlie says he loves her too. He leaves knowing that there's no real guarantee that they will. One of the only times where the main character actually dies and stays dead. However it's not higher because I think the rest of the ending it really goofy. Charlie complains about the movie and Carface it trying to turn back his clock so he can go back, with Annabelle shouting "I SAID TOUCH THAT CLOCK AND YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK!", sort of kills the mood.

15.Ray's Death

When I first saw this movie I really didn't see this coming. I kept on thinking that somehow they were gonna bring raio, ray back to life. I tried to hard not to cry during this scene. I don't care what anyone says, this seen is really sad and made me cry. All raio, ray ever did was try to be a good friend and try to help Tiana and Naveen realize their feelings for each other. He kept trying to help them and stop the shadow man. He didn't even see it coming and ended up being crushed por Dr. Facilier. He was found por Louis and brought to Tiana and Naveen. He dies on them as his light slowly goes out. It starts to rain because apparently in a lot of sad moments it just has to rain for some reason. He's taken back to the bayou where his entire family gathered. When Tiana and Naveen put their flores on him just broke my heart. However it stops being sad really soon when raio, ray becomes a estrela right seguinte to Evangeline. Makes me wonder if Evangelina was really a firefly who died.

14.Always There

First I wanna say I amor this song and it's obviously the best one in the movie. For this scene we don't just feel sadness for only one or two characters but four. First we get Scamp who realizes he made a huge mistake. He's just like one of those real life kids who makes a huge mistake and all they wanna do is go home. All Scamp wishes now is that he could just go início and he can't because he's in the back of a dogcatcher truck. We go to angel who is now on her own, without even the junkyard cachorros to go back to. She just walks around the right side of town watching other cachorros with their families. She keeps on wondering what it would be like to have that warm amor that a family gives and she think she'll never have. We go to Tramp and Lady now. Tramp watches Jim Dear and Darling take care of their son and he's sad because he knows it's all his fault his son ran away. Both of them than go to Scamp's little cama and Tramp rolls Scamp's ball with his nose. They than snuggle together in sad comfort wishing they could just turn back to clock and be mais understanding so they could have avoided this whole thing. They don't know if their only son is hurt or in any trouble. They even know that he could be killed. I hate Tramp but I actually really felt bad for him and cried. We lastly go to all four characters and they all end up looking up at the moon. What's really sad is that there are millions of people out there who are in their situations; runaways who made mistakes and just wanna go início but they can't, orphans who go their whole lives without a family with no hope of ever getting one, and parents who were too hard and don't understand the kids and wish they could just reverse the clock so they can fix this. There's a lot of families that have grown a part like they did and it's sad. So part of what makes this so sad is that it's real. It's not higher because the others are just sadder.

13.The Death of Bambi's Mother

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate from people for not having this higher but it's not as sad as others. First it seems happy because finally Bambi and his mother find decent comida but soon they find they're in danger. Bambi's mother tells her son to run and not to look back. She knows there's a possibility that she could die but saves her son. While Bambi lives unfortunately she's not able to do the same, she get's shot. Bambi makes it início but unfortunately finds that his mother isn't with him. He tries to find her and shouts for her but unfortunately doesn't know that she'll never answer back. It breaks my coração to see that tear in his eye when he finds out that his mother is dead. This scene is part of why I hate hunting and wonder why any sick person does this for fun. It's not higher because we never see her die and unlike with Simba and Littlefoot, Bambi didn't have to see his mother die.

12.Marie Loses Anastasia

This is another sad animated moment that I think people don't really pay much attention to. First it starts off all happy, life is just perfect and they think nothing bad could happen. However Rasputin ruins everything. He places a curse on Nicholas and his family, that they will die. Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, their son Alexei, and their three oldest daughters Olga, Tatiana, and Maria all die. That's really sad about this is that this actually really happened in history, well not exactly the same way but those people did die. The youngest Russian princess survives and is able to escape with her grandmother, even getting past Rasputin. However it still doesn't end well, Marie gets on a bus but anastasia isn't able to. They hold on to each others hands and anastasia wanted her to promise not to let go, which she couldn't do. anastasia loses her momory and goes on through life not knowing who she is or who her family is. Marie is helpless and can't go back for Anastasia. She goes on through life knowing that her family is dead and her last living grand daughter is alive but lost her and believing it's all your fault. She tries to find her but always ends up finding fake Anastasia's, causing her mais heartbreak. What put this higher than raio, ray and Meg's deaths are that this is based off a real event, not exactly how it happened but the royal family were killed, except possibly Anastasia. So not just one person died but six. Plus the line that Marie says just breaks my coração "So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone forever, and my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild, I never saw her again." so sad. Could you imagine going through this? The reason it's not higher is because the others are mais emotional.

11.Flynn's Death

As many of you know I really dislike Flynn but I actually found this really sad. Flynn escapes from jail and goes to save Rapunzel. He's tricked and than Gothel stabs him. Rapunzel is willing to give up her freedom if Gothel lets her heal him. Just as she's about to sing Flynn tricks her and cuts her hair. She loses her power and Gothel turns to dust. Dispite that she knows she has no power she sings anyway just hoping that maybe she can save her. I lose it when they tell each other they were their new dreams as he dies. Rapunzel still sings anyway knowing it was useless. The one man that truly loved her, she cries believing it was all her fault. I actually thought he was actually going to stay dead, there was no way for him to come back that I knew of. I was thinking, is this raio, ray all over again? It's not higher because I just felt mais pain and emotion with the others.

10.When She Loved Me

This scene is part of why I amor Jessie so much, it shows how complex she is. It shows how Jessie had an owner and how much they loved each other. They did everything together. Emily was Jessie's entire world, she meant everything to her. Unfortunately no one stays a kid forever. Emily gets older and forgets about Jessie. Jessie stays under the bead as she watches Emily grow up. Jessie spends years alone just waiting for the dia that things will be the same again and "when she's dia I will always amor you". One dia Emily finds her and makes Jessie feel like for a moment that things were the same again. However it doesn't last because Emily gives her away to donations where she's put into storage. This scene made me actually feel bad for a piece of plastic. Jessie is devastated and refuses to try to feel something again from another kid. She never forgets Emily but unfortunately Emily forgot her. This scene makes me feel bad for giving away my toys and still makes me cry. It's not higher because the others involve death.

9.Shang's Death

Shang and mulan got attacked por thugs. They went to save Princess Mei which they managed to do but the two of them end up dangling for their lives. Shang knows it won't hold them both but mulan keeps trying to fool both him and herself that it will. He says he's sorry and than lets go so that he could save her. She's screaming his name and cries her eyes out. We than go to a scene where it's raining. Mushu blames himself for all of this happening. mulan is out in the rain looking at the sword and sees his reflection but knows it's just her imagination. She than just throws it to the ground and is on her knees crying. Mulan's voice actress said that when she read the script for this that she actually cried her eyes out and she showed it to her mom, she cried too. If even the voice actor is crying than you know that it's definitely really sad. It's no wonder it's considered one of the saddest disney moments. I thought he was actually dead when I first saw this movie and I tried not to cry. It's not higher because the others to me are just sadder.

8.Tinkerbell's Death/I'll Try Reprise

This scene made me cry ever since I first saw it, in fact when I first was this in theaters I just buried myself in my moms arms just crying. sininho is fighting with all her strength to stay alive, but fails. Jane runs as fast as she can hoping that somehow she can save her. She comes only when it's too late and Tinkerbell's light goes out causing her to die. Jane than holds her in her hands. She blames herself because she said she doesn't believe in fairies, though she didn't know that this would happen. She lays sininho on the cama brushing her hair with finger and says she's sorry. She covers her face crying, just wishing she could reverse the clock and take back what she said. She wishes she could've believed sooner because she could've saved her life. That fact that a sad song is playing in the background makes it even sadder. "I can finally see it! Now I have to believe, all those precious stories! All the world is made of faith... and trust... and pixie dust! So I'll try because I finally believe! I'll try because I can see what you see! I'll try, I'll try, to fly!". It's not higher because the others are just mais sad but this is definitely the saddest of all sequel moments.

7.Snow White's Death/Funeral

I think that out of all the disney princess moments this one is por far the saddest of them all. Whenever I watch this scene I just bawl my eyes out. The looks on the dwarfs and animais faces, especially Dopey and Grumpy. I lost it the most when Grumpy and Doepy were crying. They all loved her so much and it kills me when they cry because than I start crying too. This poor girl didn't deserve this faite. Killing her was like killing a mocking bird. All this girl did was be kind to others and work her coração out. I know people say she brough this on herself but she didn't know it was poison. Who would? How many people actually asks if a stupid maçã, apple is actually poisoness. The only reason that she died was because she was beautiful. When I saw her in this picture I was crying saying "She was so beautiful!". I'm a guy and I'm not afriad to admit that I cried my eyes out during all of this. It's not higher because in the other moments the characters are actually technically dead.

6.Odette's Death

I always found this sad and cried during this moment ever since I was a little kid. When we see Odette as a cisne just barely flying I keep on saying "Come on Odette! You can make it! You can do it!" I keep hoping she won't die and I've seen the movie millions of times. She tried her hardest to warn Derek but she failed. She changes back into her beautiful human self, which unfortunately meant she was dying. Derek keeps trying to get to her hoping maybe somehow he can save her. When he sees her he holds her in his arms blaming himself and begs her to forgive him. She still has a little strength let in her giving Derek hope but she informs him that she feels weak and that she's dying. He keeps trying to fools himself into thinking she'll leave because the vow he made was for her. She knows that he meant for the vow to be for her and that she loved him as she dies. He keeps saying her name and shouts to the heavens that the vow he made was for her. He didn't know that Odette he made the vow to was a fake, he just wanted to break the spell and prove his amor for her. He truly loves her, not just for her beautiful; for her kindness and courage, he always has. This breaks my heart! This isn't higher because the topo, início five die but stay dead.

5.The Prince of Egypt

Basically the entire movie in general. First we have the intro where the slaves were brutally worked to death and were whipped. We also have that they savagely murdered baby boys and roubou them from their mothers. The poor mothers crying their hearts out. We also have all the slaves in different scenes being whipped to death. When Moses finds out about what happened to the Jewish babies. There's also the plagues where hundreds of innocent people suffer and the worst plague of all, when the first born child or each Egyptian início is taken away. This movie is just really emotional and has a lot of sad moments. The fact that all of this really happened is just tragic. It's not higher because I just feel mais for the others because it focus' on the death of one specific character that's mais developed.

4.Mufasa's Death

This scene makes me cry so much. I can't stand how sad it is. I just wanna hug Simba and make it all better even though I can't. We have Simba in trouble from a stampede and he can't escape. Mufasa comes to rescue him and manages to save his son but it appears he needs saving too. He begs his brother to help him but he kills him instead. Simba had to watch his father fall to his death and felt like it was all his fault. He ran to find his dad hoping that he was alright but soon found out he wasn't. He kept trying to get him to get up trying to fool himself into thinking that he was just asleep. He cried out for help but soon finds that it's just no use. I couldn't stand to see the tears in poor Simba's eyes. Also unlike with Bambi's mother's death they don't play it off with some happy scene, they take their time with it. It's such a sad moment and I can understand why people think it's the saddest disney moment but there's one that's sadder. However we'll get to that later. It's not higher because I just felt mais emotion for the others.

3.Littlfoot's Mother's Death

I actually watched The Land Before Time recently and I just kept crying and tried not to. Littlefoot's mother was trying to save her son and Cera from a sharptooth. However the sharptooth jumped on her back and took a huge bite out of her back. She still kept fighting to protect her son. Even though she was really weak and needed some help with her injuries, she didn't. Her son was still indanger and kept fighting to protect him and Cera until they were save and the sharptooth couldn't hurt them anymore. However now it's raining after there was a huge earthquake, which was what ruined Pangea, and Littlefoot is looking for his mother. He finds her but she is lying down very weak and he keeps begging her to get up, she tries but fails. She asks Littlefoot if he remembers the way to the Great Valley, knowing she wasn't going to make it. Littlefoot tries to fool himself into thinking she was going to be with him and he just slowly watched her die. When she dies he keeps trying to talk to her and realizes her fait. However it's not over yet. We watch Littlefoot cry and blame himself for all of this. He can't even eat because all he could think about was his mother. While trying to find the Great Valley he sees one of his mother's old foot prints and he snuggles up to it crying. His árvore estrela than comes to him and he hears his mothers voice telling him the way to the Great Valley and that she'll be in his heart. It's not completely over yet. He sees his shadow but it's large and from a distance and he thinks it's his mother. He runs after it and when he catches it licks it but realizes it wasn't her. He now realizes that he's completely alone and his mother is gone forever. This makes Bambi's mom and Mufasa's death look like a happy ending. However there's two moment that always get me whenever I hear about them or see them.

2.Marina's Death

First of all I wanna say that I hate this movie and the endings! Plus the prince is an idiot! Anyway for those of who don't know the is another version of The Little Mermaid, however unlike the disney version, this one doesn't have a happy ending. The prince marries another girl and marina knows that when the sun rises the seguinte morning that she will die and turn to sea foam. Her sisters had sold their hair to the sea witch so that they could save Marina. She was given a knife, she had to plundge it into the princes coração and his blood would splash on her legs forming a tail. She sneaks down to the prince's room and keeps trying to stab him but she can't. I keep shouting for her to kill him! she just couldn't do it, she loves him too much. She than goes back on the deck and drops the knife, it glows red, makes a flashing light and a loud noise waking the prince. He goes up on the deck seeing that marina is about the jump off the ship and tries to stop her but fails. He see's she left her flor pearl pin and one of her old mermaid scale. The sun than slowly comes up and she slowly turns into sea foam. The prince than realizes that when he was drowning that marina was the one who saved him but it was too late. Marina's little golfinho friend Fritz than keeps on shouting her name trying to find her, thinking she lived. Than the little mermaid's soul assended to heaven. This is the first and only time in history that the heroine actually dies! This is the main reason I hate this story and the movie, not the only reason but definitely my number one reason! It's so stupid and sad! It's not higher because there's one scene none can compare. If you wanna see this scene for real here it is link

1.Ellie's Death

This is por FAR the saddest animated moment, not just disney but of ALL animated moments. It's actually not just the saddest animated moment but one of the saddest moments ever. We go through Carl and Ellie going through their normal lives and see how much they amor each other. We also see how Carl after all these years is finally able to get them to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately Ellie has a coração attack when he's about to surprise her. They spend their last moments together and their expressions are just so indescribable. This is something everyone is going to go through, we're all going to experience the loss of someone you amor eventually. This scene is so real. I just can't describe how sad it is so I'll just show you link
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