This is my segundo artigo on this spot and it's about what I think are the most beautiful animated females (excluding animals) and I can tell you that all of the girls on the list are beautiful, but it was very hard to come up with a great list and this can change at any moment!

20. The Evil queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

Out of the disney villains she's the most beautiful in my opinion though Vanessa from The Little Mermaid is a very close second. Anyways, even though we never see her hair I think she's very beautiful, I amor the eyes though they can creep me out in close ups, but not in a bad way, but most of all I amor her lips, they're having such a beautiful shade of red and well, I think she's pretty, but if I where the mirror I wouldn't call her the fairest in the land because of that we never see her hair, but apart from that I think she's very pretty.

19. Eris (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas):

The most beautiful animated villain in my opinion, I wished I could place her higher, but once again, the eyes creep me out, but not as much as the last one. Her hair is okay in my opinion, it's a bit too thin in my opinion, but I amor the way it flows when she's moving. Even though there aren't so many good features on her I think she has some gorgeous shots and for a while I had a small crush on her just because she was so beautiful in my opinion, but that was a long time ago. I do think she's prettier than marina (not por a lot though, I think marina is pretty too).

18. Rapunzel (Tangled):

I think she's very sweet and very underrated in the beauty department. She's in my opinion one of the most beautiful computer animated females. Anyways, I amor her big green eyes (mainly because of the color, the size bugs me a bit), her hair (especially the brown version and the braided blonde hair) and her smile is very cute, especially in the I See the Light scene when she gives Flynn his satch. She also has way mais pretty shots than what people mentions like after the barco ride and Flynn has left Rapunzel, I don't know why, but I think she's beautiful at that moment.

17. Thumbelina (Thumbelina):

Call me crazy, but I haven't seen Thumbelina, I did use to read a book with pictures from the movie so that's at least something. Anyways, most poeple here says she's cute at best, but I think she's beautiful, I amor her long hair, she has a very cute smile and her eyes has such a lovely blue color.

16. Tinker sino (Peter Pan and all the Tinker sino movies):

Okay, I know that she's nowadays computer animated just like Rapunzel, but since she's also hand drawn I can't truly count her as a computer animated female. Anyways, I amor her hair very much and she has a lovely pair of eyes and her smile is so cute. I think she's prettier when she's computer animated, but only slightly.

15. Rosetta (Tinkerbell movies):

I think she's very beautiful, I amor her green eyes, her hair is long, but a very pretty style and her smile is beautiful. I couldn't find a really good screencap of her from the first movie (this is from the third), but I think she's very beautiful.

14. Silvermist (Tinkerbell movies):

Out of the disney fadas I think she's the most beautiful, mainly because of the long black hair which I'm a big fã of. Again it was hard to find a good screencap of her.

13. Belle (Beauty and the Beast):

I don't know anyone that doesn't think she's beautiful, it's impossible not to find her beautiful for she has a well suited name. Even though she does have some shots where she looks homely and some where she looks very beautiful I will always find her beautiful. I amor her hazel eyes, her brown hair (especially when it's in a pónei, pônei tail like in this shot), her lips (mainly the color, bubblegum rosa, -de-rosa is one of my favorito shades on lips) and her smile is gorgeous.

12. Jane (Tarzan):

I think she's very beautiful, I amor her beautiful brown hair, she has beautiful green eyes and a very nice smile. I also think she's a little bit underrated in the beauty department, but not very much though.

11. anastasia (Anastasia):

Another movie that I haven't seen, but I think anastasia is very beautiful, when I've seen the whole movie she might mover higher, but we'll see what happens. I amor her hair, it's so lovely, I also amor her eyes and her smile is gorgeous.

10. Alice (Alice in Wonderland):

The most beautiful young heroine in my opinion. I amor her hair, her eyes are stunning and her smile is so beautiful. I wished I could place her higher, but I just think that the other girls are prettier than her.

9. charlotte (The Princess and the Frog):

I think she's very beautiful, okay I'm not so keen on her hair, but the rest of the features are really nice especially her eyes, that's my favorito feature on her.

8. Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame):

I may not like her as a character, but she's beautiful for sure. I really amor her eyes and her thick black hair. This is one of the most beautiful exotic beautys, I wish that disney could do an exotic beauty that is almost as pretty as Esmeralda is cause I think she's beautiful.

7. Shanti (The Jungle Book 1 and 2):

I've always thought that girls from India are the most beautiful asian girls, there's something that I think makes them beautiful. So of course I'm happy that disney made an Indi girl and a beautiful one too. I amor her eyes very much, her hair is so beautiful and her smile is so beautiful.

6. Odette (The cisne Princess 1, 2 and 3):

In my opinion the most beautiful non disney girl, her hair is gorgeous, I amor her eyes and her smile is beautiful.

5. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog):

Like most other people on fanpop I don't really like her hair, but I've started to realise that her hair is still beautiful, if she had letted it down it would look pretty. I do amor her eyes and her smile is very pretty.

4. cinderela (Cinderella):

Wow, she's stunning. The only flaw is her hair, it looks like it could fit a doll rather than an animated character, but I amor her whole face, but my favorito feature is her eyes, such a lovely shade of blue.

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Many other users here has already said what I wanted to say: She's one of the most beautiful animated females for sure. I amor her hair very much, her eyes have such a lovely purple shade (though I'm not so keen on purple eyes) and her smile is gorgeous. She truly has the gift of beauty.

2. The Blue Fairy (Pinnochio):

She may not have had much screentime, but she's so beautiful. I amor her hair, she has one of my favorito hairstyles ever, her eyes have a lovely blue shade and her smile is one of the beautiful ones that I've ever seen.

1. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

I'm probably the only one on fanpop that thinks that she's the most beautiful animated female ever. In diffrence to most others on this site I really amor her hair, it's the main reason to why I've colored my hair black twice (I normally have dark brown hair) and I amor how it makes her look mais dramatic, like a vampire. But my favorito features are her lips and her smile. The lips because I amor the color and that they where made to look perfect and her smile because it's the prettiest smile I've ever seen. This shot of her is the most beautiful of a person that I've ever seen, she looks like an angel here.

And here are some females that almost made it to the list that I think are beautiful: Mary Darling (Peter Pan), Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Crysta (Ferngully: The Last Rainforest), Robyn (Tom and Jerry: The Movie), Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron), Vanessa (The Little Mermaid), Melody (The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea), marina (Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas)