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Are there characters you feel like the creators tried too hard to be cute and you don't find them that cute?

That's how I feel with Bubbles. The style doesn't really help, but I honestly feel like they tried to hard to make her cute. Her voice even sounds mais annoying than cute. I don't dislike Bubbles or anything, I just don't think she's as cute as other people think. I also don't think a lot of these moe girls are really that cute, or cute at all either.
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UnholyNoise said:
I feel that way about most pixar characters tbh - they try way too hard to make you feel sympathy for their characters por giving them obnoxiously cute character designs so while everyone's all "Aw, baby Dory's so cute!!1!" I'm just like ?????
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posted faz 10 meses 
ajotma said:
The Minions I guess?
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posted faz 9 meses 
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