I will say something about the topo, início 10 or else the body of the artigo would be too short and the artigos are fixed now. It's going to be my opinion but I won't talk about my dislikes since it's voted por the public. Okay so this is the real thing, the hottest of the hot. Basically, the honorable mentions list consists mais of manly men and this one mais of pretty boys haha, whatever floats your boat. I somewhat agree with the topo, início 10, just not in that order. I hope you like it whether you agree or not!

Thank you everyone for participating!


10. Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) - 58 points

I was a bit surprised and happy Phoebus made it on this list since he's not considered super hot. But I think he's very good looking.

9. Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) - 61 points

Is it Jim's cachorro, filhote de cachorro dog blue eyes that makes him irresistible or his rebellious ways? I don't know but I like the fact that he's voiced por Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3

8. John Smith (Pocahontas) - 63 points

The blonde hair, blue eyed John Smith comes in next. He has lean muscles and is adventurous. A lot find him handsome and at his best, I agree.

7. Phillip (Sleeping Beauty) - 70 points

He has nice hair and a nice smile, how nice haha! Anyway, I think he's universally handsome. The Knight in Shining Armor every girl longs for.

6. Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) - 93 points

The newcomer Jack Frost has made it all the way to number 6! He has a handsome face and I amor his white hair.

5. Dimitri (Anastasia) - 115 points

Handsome is the right word to describe Dimitri. He's one of those guys I would call beautiful with the sexy face and floppy hair, he's just perfect!

4. aladdin (Aladdin) - 131 points

Aladdin, what a cutie! He's very attractive and his boyish charm can steal any girl's heart. Also, the fact that he shows off his torso doesn't hurt.

3. Eric (The Little Mermaid) - 142 points

I can't deny Eric is gorgeous. You gotta amor those blue eyes with that dark hair! I amor his smile, he looks pretty damn good.

2. Flynn Rider (Tangled) - 167 points

His looks are captivating, I amor his hair. He's got a very manly appeal aaah Flynn... too sexy! The way he looks at Rapunzel makes me melt.

1. Naveen (The Princess & the Frog) - 173 points

Naveen is the winner! He's exotic looking with that hair and accent. He's so fine and fit, he has the right to be conceited haha jk.