Unlike most people, I've always been a bit mais fond of the heroes than the heroines. It probably has something to do with my secret passion for slaying dragons, but who knows. But since I like them all so much, it's harder than I thought to pin down my favourites. And despite my strong preference for disney women, I've noticed a lot of Dreamworks men make it onto my list. But I gave it a go, so here it is! i'm warning you, it's mais simple than my usual articles, and mais to the point. Enjoy. (:

10. Dean - Iron Giant

Besides coming from one of my favourite filmes of all time, I really do enjoy Dean's character. He's a real oddity compared to the other heroes, when you think about it. I amor that he's a real individual, and that he walks to the beat of his own drum. Instead of being overly heroic or stale, he's a dynamic, interesting, really cool character.

The edgy one.

9. Hercules - Hercules

I amor that on the surface, Hercules appears to be just like any other prince. Strong, heroic, and brave. But he's still fresh and unique because he's a real sweetheart. Honest and down to earth, he's the perfect balance of integrity, strength, and kindness.

The humble one.

8. Ken - Life in the Dreamhouse

While I do appreciate the characters he plays in the barbie movies, I have to admit I greatly prefer the LITDH version. He's sweet, honest, loyal and just the cutest thing. So what if he's from a web series? He's darling.

The sweet one.

7. Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians

Of course he was going to show up on here. Not just because of how amazingly beautiful he is, but because he's an amazing character. Fun loving and impulsive, yet still kind and brave. It's obvious how much work went into his character, not just from the stellar animation, but from the real depth of his character. He's one of the best written characters in the history of animation, in my opinion at least.

The timeless one.

6. Sinbad - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad doesn't get a lot of attention, but that might be because his character is the basic layout for a generic villain. But he's the hero, and it shows throughout the movie. Despite being selfish and greedy on the surface, he's really Valente and loyal. And even after so many years, I still cry when he goes to save Proteus. This combined with his wit and emotional depth make him a winner in my heart.

The bad bunda one.

5. Moses - Prince of Egypt

aladdin was supposed to be here, but the mais i think about, the mais I admire Moses's selflessness and bravery. I amor his character development, from the spoiled prince of Egypt to the exodus. It just felt so real and honest, which is a rarity in animated movies.

The legendary one.

4. Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet

What's not to love? He's got the whole rebellious bad boy thing down pat, but at the same time he's kind and a really great guy. He's a good friend and always tries to do what's right, even if he does have his clashes with law enforcement. But there is something very real and honest about him, and I just click with his character.

The rebellious one.

3. John Smith - Pocahontas

Yes, I know he's a bit of a jerk and he almost killed Pocahontas. But I don't care! I just amor him to bits, and he's always been one of my favourites. I amor how Valente and loyal to Pocahontas he is. I admire his adventurous spirit and his weird sense of humour. He's adorable in a way.

The adventurous one.

2. Hiccup - How To Train Your Dragon

Not many people remember Hiccup. While everyone is cantar their praises to the high heavens, they seem to overlook what a great hero Hiccup is. He's realistic, and in a way very pure. I like his innocence and I amor watching his struggles to prove himself. While he's less heroic than other heroes on my list, he's probably one of the most admirable characters in the animated world. He fights for the truth and stands up for Toothless and there's never a moment when I don't amor him.

The adorable one.

1. Phoebus - Hunchback of Notre Dame

The banter, the voice, the wit, the gold armor, everything about Phoebus just exudes awesomeness. He's a badass with a heart, and I amor how he fights for those less fortunate and his banter with Esmeralda. He just has the complete package and he'll be my favourite for many years more. <3

The supermegafoxyhot one.