Childhood Animated Movie Characters Which one of these animated character voiced por Charlie Adler is your favorite?

Pick one:
Gazeem - aladdin
Mjomba - The Lion Guard
Stok - Wander Over Yonder
Dr. Doom - The Super Hero Squad Show
Sabretooth - The Super Hero Squad Show
Mr. Whiskers - conhaque and Mr. Whiskers
Junkman - Jimmy Neutron
General Malaise - Ozzy and Drix
Templeton - Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure
Professor Spooky - The Rugrats
Red Guy - Cow and Chicken
Chicken - Cow and Chicken
IR babuíno - Cow and Chicken
Cow - Cow and Chicken
Ickis - Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Ned - Jungle Cubs
Ed Bighead - Rocko’s Modern Life
Bev Bighead - Rocko’s Modern Life
T-Bone - Swat Kats The Radical Squadron
Murray - Swat Kats the Radical Squadron
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