Childhood Animated Movie Characters Which animated character voiced por Edie McClurg is your favorite?

Pick one:
Carlotta - The Little Mermaid
Muscle Man’s Mom - Regular Show
Vera Tennyson - Ben 10: Omniverse
Trudi Traveler - Wander Over Yonder
Gerda - Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante - Uma Aventura Congelante
Lydia - Curious George Swings into Spring
Mary - Wreck-It Ralph
Bea’s Mom - peixe Hooks
Mrs. Butterworth - Foodfight!
Minny - Cars
Peggy Jones/Sea Salt Sally - Scooby Doo Pirates Ahoy
Tooth Fairy - American Dragon
Bertha - American Dragon
Grandma Taters - Jimmy Neutron
tolet, tolet, violet Stimpleton - Rocket Power
Dr. Flora - A Bug’s Life
Winnie Pig - Tiny Toon Adventures
Bertha - Kiki’s Delivery Service
Mrs. Seaworthy - Snorks
Miss Right - Secret of Nimh
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