E!’s Watch with Kristin blog reported late on Friday that the couple formerly known as Leyton will probably be returning to One árvore colina before Season 8 is through. The original plan was to bring them back for Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) two-episode wedding (planned to air sometime during the first 13 episodes of the season), but now that The CW has ordered six additional scripts, Murray and burton might return closer to the season (series?) finale. Show creator Mark Schwahn also told E! that bringing other characters back would not be out of the question, so Dear Mr. Schwahn, we'll take mais of Karen (Moira Kelly) and Jake (Bryan Greenberg), please!

On one hand, this news could not come at a better time for the show, which has been in a slump since Murray and burton left at the end of Season 6. On the other hand, lots of former fãs think One árvore colina should have quit while it was ahead, and bringing Murray and burton back might just seem desperate. It could also make for some on-set awkwardness—Murray didn't exactly leave on great terms, and he's Sophia Bush’s ex-husband.

I'd like to think that Murray and burton would give One árvore colina a much-needed revival, but at this point it might be too late to save the show from its long, painful death. What do you think?