The collective squeal of excitement that erupted when The CW announced Chad Michael Murray would return to One árvore colina during the ninth & final season could be heard from California to, well, árvore Hill. And now, for the first time, the actor (who left OTH in season six) reveals exclusively to why he decided to play Lucas one mais time!
"The fãs have loved this show and rooted for every character throughout its run," Chad Michael Murray tells "I know how important Luke's return is for our fãs and wanted to give them one last ‘Lucas Scott’ moment. Luke's return is for them."
But while he's coming back for the fans, Chad did have one simple request for creator Mark Schwahn: "I think we just need one last look at Luke’s heart. Character wise, this is Mark’s story and Luke will live the journey he sees fit."
Reportedly, that journey features prodigal son Lucas returning to his hometown after Haley reaches out for help. But fãs can find out for sure when Chad Michael Murray's return to One árvore colina airs in early 2012.