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posted by couragesfan101
Cat:Mmmm White peixe chub! How did you know i like it?
Me:Lucky guess*Hides Cat's diary behind back*
Cat:Ok then,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Dog:So how was the date?
Cat:Fun in the beginning,Awkward in the middle,Good in the end
Dog:Sounds ok to me!
*At Mia's house*
Mia:How was the date?
Me:Lots of blushing,Awkwardness,and Fun
Mia:Nice girl!
Me:Well im going to Catdog's house,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Me:Heya Cat!
Cat:Hiya there!
Me:Want to go in your room?
*In Cat's room*
Me:Got anything hard?
Cat:Yeah this hammer but wh-
*I beijoca, smack Cat's head with hammer*
Me:*Evil smile*Perfect
*Cat wakes up...
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added by MJ_Fan_4Life007
added by MJ_Fan_4Life007
added by MJ_Fan_4Life007
posted by couragesfan101
Me:*Roaming around a new high school*
Me:*Bumps into someone*Oh,I'm sorry,I...O.O
Cat:No,It's cachorros fault,He wasn't paying attenion
Dog:Sorry :/
Me:Are,Are you Catdog?!
Dog:*Puts arm around gatos shoulder*Yup ^.^ The one and only
Me:Oh,my,Gosh!!!!!Catdog going to my high school!
Cat:Yup,It's a real shocker
Me:Well,It's math now,I better go
CatDog:Okay,See you later
*After School*
Me:Catdog,I have always wondered,How do you go to the bathroom?
Cat:Oh you don't wanna know
Me:*Thinks of how Catdog go to the bathroom*Wanna know what,I already know
Cat:Yup and I hate doing that
Me:Well,I better get going,Bye!
posted by AnimeFan66
*I am making this fanfic for fun purposes only. Don't judge the way I combine characters and filmes together because it is all in my imagnation.*

Sheeta and Pazu ran to the nearby town as fast as they could. They wanted to stop por to ask the villagers if they saw anything. They asked almost the entire groups of people but had no luck. Pazu even asked his parents if they saw the CatDog creature but they also didn't see anything. Without any luck, they ran out of town and ended up walking on a large hill. "What are we going to do?" Sheeta asked. Pazu looked at her with depression as he had no...
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