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posted by castlechik
Casle called and called bekket and alexis cell phone,no one.He starded to get terrifing thoughts, and so far his gut is a pretty good one."Castle"every one turned.It was mrs.castle he walked over there because she looked as if in a despret need for help."Iiiittt... alexis and becket they have been taken.
later at the culprits house

"owwwww dude that realy hurt" beckett said."aexis are you okay". "ya i think i fill a little dizzy". "Hang in there big girl i belive in you".

declamer:i do not own castelo or its charicters i just barowes them for some excitement.
posted by castlechik
my grammer is horibel and my spelling is bad so u will have to just urso with me.i hope u amor it and if not then tell me that is rong wth it and how to fix it.
Ring ring. "Hello,"catle's mom answered the phone sounding extreamly anoyed.she was annoyed because of the hora that this call was placed. it was 3 in the morning for christ sakes."mis. is richard avalible," an electronicaly inhansed voice said in return.her answer to that was he is already at the precinct may i take a message a message."yes give him this number plese 281-987-6543"
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posted by lexabuti
Fool me once; shame on you, fool me twice...'

This is a common phrase known por most of us and we can surely fill in the blank. It was definitely the statement of the entire episode, when it comes to shams, cons and being fooled time and time again.

From the moment the show opened with a guy who looked like an Eskimo vacationing in the Pacific, well I knew he would have been beheaded if not in front of the children the after wards. It is after all how the best crime dramas are initiated.

'Fool Me Once' surrounded the life of a con man who wanted to change and clean himself up for the woman he loved....
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What's castelo without a headline photo-shoot, a couple of cop modelos at station center, a drug related body snatching, a meeting with a Russian mobster and a fall out with Kate Beckett.

Halfway through Castle's snarly comments, Kate's edgy comebacks, 'The Mentalist's' Patrick Jane and Teressa Lisbon came to mind. They have that 'annoying partner that gives good insight' thing going on. The only difference between them, is that Beckett still has a problem accepting castelo as part of the team. mais so now he has dreaded up a personal element of her past.

I don't blame her, it was personal and she...
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