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The fans pick: medium brown with blonde
The fans pick: amor both!
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Cassadee Pope mural

casspopefan1 said …
So proud of how far Cassadee has come in the past couple years. Die hard fã for life!:) any other cassettes, follow cassadee_blake_pope_fans on Instagram and help gain followers and get cassadees name out :) Posted over a year ago
RawR201512 said …
Cassadee Pope = My Role Model i amor her new Ep !!!! Posted over a year ago
r-pattz said …
Breathe you in, breathe you in, like my first cigarette. Breathe you out, breathe you out, feel the rush as I choke.

Gah, Cassadee was amazing live! She was so cute and down to earth and it was adorable when she tripped and then had to restart a song because she was laughing so hard. xD And when I met her and told her to marry Rian, she was like "I'm only 22 now but maybe someday!" It's gonna happen thoughhh. So yeah, seeing Cass live was one of the best things ever. <3 Posted over a year ago
i_luv_Pelon_xxx commented…
I have seen take that live, 1direction, juice, blood on the dance floor, pitbull and ed Sheran over a year ago
r-pattz commented…
Good for you. Except of the artists I know from that list, I hate all of them. xD over a year ago
BookWord123 commented…
lol xD Hes amazing! over a year ago