Casper What happened to Amber and Vic after the movie

FanFic_Girl_26 posted on Jan 08, 2016 at 04:27AM
I sometimes wonder what happened to Vic and Amber after the movie ended since they both run out of the mansion (thanks to being scared by the Ghostly Trio) before their classmates do later on (after witnessing Casper turning back into a ghost when the clock strikes 10:00 PM for the final time).

However, I also remember some parts of the Casper fanfic Die, Die My Darling, which I found a few years ago on the website FanFiction.Net. In that story (which is told in the first-person narrative from Amber’s perspective), Amber has a change of heart and goes back to the party, but dies in an accident and becomes a ghost.

What do you think happened to Amber and Vic after the film ended?
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