"I amor her smile, her pose, her hair and that's one gorgeous coloring."
Congratulations to the October fã Of The Month, Sara (modernfan). I think we all agree that she really deserves it!
Here is the interview;

1. Introduce yourself
My name is Sara. I'm fifteen. I've got 2 younger sisters and one adorable little dog. I come from Europe. I'm a TVD freak and Candice is my favorito celebrity.

2. How do you feel about being voted as Candice's FOTM?
I can't describe how I feel. It's amazing! I'm rather surprised and thrilled. Thanks everyone who nominated and voted me!

3. Why are you a fã of Candice?
I'm her fã because she's so funny and she seems really friendly. She's an amazing actress and she's so pretty. She has awesome style. It looks like she sees glass half full. What's not to love? :)

4. Have you got anything in common with Candice?
I don't really think so. Maybe the same taste in hairstyles. Or amor for música and dancing. But that's all. I still amor her though.

5. If you could ask Candice any pergunta what would it be?
I'd ask her how she makes it. She's successful in everything she does but yet she's down to Earth.

6. Do you like Candice as a singer? If so, what do you think of her songs? Do you have a favourite?
I really like her as a signer. I haven't heard many of her songs though. From the songs I've heard Our Break Up Song is my favorite. Candice has amazing voice. So natural.

7. Which of Candice's projects do you most admire?
I mostly admire her support to Freedom to Marry and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Oh and I loved it when she created the tunic for raising money and awareness for Lyme Disease.

8. What do you hope is seguinte for Candice in the future?
I hope she'll act in some movies. Maybe in romantic comedy. :) And continue her work as Caroline of course.

9. How would you describe Candice in 3-5 words?
Amazing, beautiful, adorable, lovable and funny.

10. Finally, Which is your favourite fotografia of Candice. Why is it your fave?
There are so many fotografias of Candice I amor but I'll go with this one. She looks simply beautiful in it. I amor her smile, her pose, her hair and that's one gorgeous coloring.