This is my favorito photoshoot of candice because I think she looks simply gorgeous in this picture! Her eyes, her hair everything is perfect❤
1.Introduce yourself

Hey! I'm Elena and I'm 17 years old. I amor The Vampire Diaries and Glee, my favorito atrizes are Candice Accola❤ and Dianna Agron❤ That's all actually :]

2. How do you feel about being nominated as Candice Accola fã of the Month?

I'm so happy, especially because it's my first time being a FOTM and also for Candice!I'm very proud and honored and I would like to thank everyone one who voted for me! You rock :]

3. 1-10, how good of an actress do you rate Candice? Explain.

10! In my opinion she's one of the best atrizes of our time! She is so talented.Candice gives every role of her this "Candice touch" and I think that's what makes her roles so amazing. If I could,I would give her a 100 ;)

4. Is Candice Your favorito actress? If not who is it?

Of course! She ,and also Dianna Agron, is por far my favorito actress. She has talent,a sense of humor and she's down to earth. Candice is also a good role model, nice to everyone. So, how couldn't she? :]

5. Which of Candice`s characters is your favorite? Show/Movies

Forever and always Caroline Forbes. I really like some other characters of her too but I fell in amor Caroline from the very beginning and I still amor her that much❤

6. If you could ask Candice one question, what would you ask? Why?

I would probably ask for her wardrobe ;)No, honestly I would ask her if she was happy. I don't know why but I care about people in general and I want everyone to feel good and happy. There's this urge inside of my that makes me wanna do some good stuff in this world ;]

7. Best co-star?

I guess I go with Michael Trevino. I'm also a fã of him and I think their scenes in TVD are amazing.Candice & Michael have both a lot of talent and that's why I like Forwood so much. Every scene is special, you believe what they are acting, understand their feelings and reactions so much. I'm impressed por so much talent!

8. What 3-5 adjectives do you think describe Candice the most?


9. Do you think Candice Is good Singer? Do you like her songs?

I've never known that she's also a singer actually since I've heard her incredible voice in 2x16 when Caroline was cantar "Eternal Flame". Since that dia I'm a huge fã of her music, my favorito song por her is "Our Break Up Song". I could listen to it the whole day!

10. How long have you liked Candice? How long do you think you'll continue to be a fan?

I have to confess I only know her since the beginning of The Vampire Diaries *_* But I've liked her since episode 1 of the first season. After a few episodes I knew she's super awesome, so I started watching filmes with her, finding out mais about her and so on. How long will I continue being a fan? I guess not in the earlier centuries.
She deserves true fãs and I'll be one of them! I ❤ Candice! [Hope this interview was not too boring]