One of my fav Candice photoshoots because of how it shows her support of LDA :)
Ok so here it is ! welcome to the 1st Interview with Emily [who won fã of the mês for June.]

1.Introduce yourself
I'm Emily, there's not much to say except that I'm a huge fã of The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga (I don't understand how you can't amor both ;D), and in particular Candice Accola, obviously, and Ashley Greene! That's about it I think. Hi :)

2. How do you feel about being nominated as Candice Accola fã of the Month?
OMG, I'm sooo happy. Thank you everyone who nominated/voted for me, I appreciate it very, very much♥ I was so excited when I found out there was going to be a FOTM on this fórum and I'm really honoured to be the first, it's awesome :D

3. 1-10, how good of an actress do you rate Candice? Explain.
11! Haha. I think Candice is an absoutely incredible actress who can play so many different roles so well and make each of her characters unique which I think makes her a very special actress, she always shows such emotion in everything she acts in and to be honest I don't think she could be any better if she tried.

4. Is Candice Your favorito actress? If not who is it?
Definitely, as well as Ashley Greene, she is my favourite celebrity altogether. She is such a lovely, sweet, caring person and I don't know how you can't amor her. She's my idol and, although there are other atrizes I really like as well, Candice will always be my favourite <3

5. Which of Candice`s characters is your favorite? Show/Movies
It's got to be Caroline, she was when I first realized what a brilliant actress Candice is and I think she's such a strong and awesome character. I think the writers made her in to a great person and since season 1 she has grown in to the best character I've ever watched in any show. I could go on for ages about how much I amor Caroline, but I won't bore you all :P

6. If you could ask Candice one question, what would you ask? Why?
Hmmm, "Can I have your autograph?" :D I would amor the opportunity to meet Candice and there are so many things I would like to talk to her about, but I'd start with this so I have a reminder of the best dia ever when I met her :)

7. Best co-star?
This is a really hard pergunta because there are so many I like, but I'm going to choose Paul (Wesley) because I think he is underrated por some people just because they don't particularly like Stefan. I think he is one of the best actors and can play Stefan with many different personalities that I think he needs mais credit for his atuação and not just be thought of for his character. Also, he has such lovely scenes with Caroline and I amor watching him and Candice together on screen♥

8. What 3-5 adjectives do you think describe Candice the most?

(I could go on forever :D)

9. Do you think Candice Is good Singer? Do you like her songs?
I think Candice is an amazing singer and I can't listen to her songs enough. Whenever I hear her sing it makes me so happy and I think she should get mais recognition for her cantar as well as her atuação because she's a really great singer. I also amor her cantar as Caroline and all the songs she sang live at the recent conventions. It proves how beautiful her voice is what ever she sings.

10. How long have you liked Candice? How long do you think you'll continue to be a fan?
I've liked Candice since The Vampire Diaries started in 2009, but I really started loving her at the start of Season 2 when I realized how awesome she is :) I decided to look on Wikipedia to find out mais about her and then started on this spot. Since then she has become one of my favourite people. I amor that she cares so much for people and her work for Lyme disease awareness is really inspiring, it shows how she has used her fame to help other people and I really amor her for that <3
I think I'll continue to be a fã forever, I can't imagine not loving such an incredible person♥ :)