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This buffy, a caça-vampiros arte dos fãs might contain show and concerto.

1. Uh, one word: Spike.

2. Action. I'm a sucker for those fast paced, down-and-dirty fist fights!

3. Character development. Watching shy, scrawny, 10th graders turn into strong, powerful, adults is very engrossing, you must admit.

4. Romance & drama. Who doesn't amor complex amor triangles, hot sex scenes, and intimate relationships? It doesn't hurt to thrown in some gypsy curses and werewolf complications either.

5. Humor. I enjoy a good LOLing.

6. Fantasy. Magic and warlocks, demons and vampires, are all a part of the Buffy package.

7. Message. Who's for feminism?

8. Vampires. Anything...
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