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Dearest fellow Scoobies, Watchers, Spuffies, Bangels, Brileies (we do drop the y? Yes?), Twillows, Wozes, Potentials, demons, half-breeds, kitten gamblers, loan sharks, gentlefolk, humans, students, operatives, Twinlets, minions, cheerleaders, evil masterminds, Big Bads *deep inhale* and Joss (Who is most certainly staking this site). I am composição literária this with not the foggiest idea of what I wish to say but I feel this uncertain idea must be expressed, so allow me to borrow your screen o espaço for a few moments.

It's now the dia before the dia before natal for me, about half an hora until 'Christmas...
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posted by candrani
I'd like to point out that the following isn't an insult to twilight/its author/its fans.

Even though buffy is my favourite work in the vampire genre i have always loved vampiros in general. That is, I'm sure, the reason i get so irked por twilight's non-vampires. They have no fangs and go out in daylight without bursting into flames, therefore they are not vampires. Like i saw someone else had written on here, thats like composição literária about a mermaid who is never half fish.

Each generations view of something mythological is affected por it's most popular story and i swear i think twilight is going to...
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posted by ArabellaElfie
I feel the need to preface this. First of all, I don’t write poetry. I’ve never been even remotely decent at it but I sort of like the way part of this came out. It was written while sitting outside for about six hours while I was trying to come up with anything at all for Ariel’s Spuffy fã fiction event. As far as rhyme scheme - let’s pretend it’s very, very free verse ;F Enjoy.

Dance Card

Came to town
To slay a Slayer
To please my Dark Princess
Cure her of her deathly ills
While on my newest conquest

A Slayer’s blood is rich and ripe
Just like the girl herself
Succulent and Sweet, ruby...
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