buffy, a caça-vampiros Demon And Baddy Game

i_luv_spike posted on Mar 24, 2008 at 09:35PM
how to play: each demon or baddy start of with 10 points each when it is your go add a point to you favourite and minus one from least favourite. when a character reaches 0 they are eliminated.

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. if a character hits 00 the next person deletes that character. any questions?

10 Angelus
10 The first
10 Spike (bad)
10 drusilla
10 darla
10 caleb
10 bad willow (vampire)
10 bad Xander
10 anyanka
10 D' hoffrin
10 dark willow
10 glory
10 the judge
10 toth
10 sluggoth demon
10 olaf
10 halfrek
10 harmony
10 major wilkins
10 adam
10 amy madison
10 luke
10 the trio
10 sweet
10 april
10 ethan rayne
10 mr tricks
10 bad faith
10 fyral demon (giles in a new man)
10 oz (werewolf)
10 veruca (werewolf)
10 uber-vamps
10 gachnar (tiny demon in fear itself season 4)
10 hellhounds
10 whistler
10 clem
10 sunday
10 Anointed one (collin)
10 ondians (pangs season 4 episode 8)
10 dracula
10 bringers
10 the gentleman (hush)
10 DOC (the gift)
10 teeth, the loan shark (tabula rasa)

thats all i can think of so far so if you can think of any please tell me and i will add them.

For Amazondebs as you wanted a demon game lol.

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