I've been seeing something different about the two characters. Buffy a slayer who is off track with her slayage and Spike a vampire with a government chip in his head and fallen in amor with Buffy.


Buffy and Spike's relationship in this season was about understanding,compassion,denial,feelings developing so quickly and rape. Buffy who was brought back to life por her own friends being ripped out of "Heaven" crawling out her grave. Feeling very shacky,and disoritented from crawling a grave. Spike his character about having that bad boy act around Buffy, making her feel for him very sexual. However Spike knew there was something going on that Buffy was in fact has feelings for him. He knew how she feels from crawling out of grave and things about Torment. Buffy figures that Spike was the only who understands her better. But Season 6 was coming dark with the relationship between Buffy & Spike. Epsiodes start with Once mais With Feeling that a musical that made all the gang feel something from each other including Buffy & Spike feelings developing. Buffy knew that she would fall for Spike but something sexual came apoung them. Tabula Rasa the segundo epsiode that came along the journey of Buffy & Spike, in the beginning of the epsiode Spike was pushing Buffy that she kissed him and wondering what is that. But he knew what kind a of girl she really was to him.The Bronze Buffy very depressed that Giles was leaving to England. Buffy kissed Spike with passionate moment. Third episode Smashed, the relationship was building so quickly and sexual tensions that drawns them two. After the beating moment of Buffy feeling so out of control with Spike, he gave her news that his chip doesn't work on her,Buffy was shocked about the news. She fight with Spike with sexual way. Wrecked another epsiodes that follows along with their relationship. Buffy woke up with along side Spike she felt relieved that she slept with Spike. On the addictive emotions that Buffy start feel from him. She knew she can't stop think about Spike.

Fifth epsiode Dead Things a great example that Buffy was in fact in amor with Spike. This epsiode shows the dark seduction of there relationship.Buffy went to Tara to talk her relationship with Spike and the spell that brought her back. After the ending of the epsiode some news that gave Buffy a wake up call that she has change and she was the same Buffy and she says the only time she feels anything is when she with Riley or Angel. As You Were the final epsiode that Buffy's ex came back with a wife, and Riley knew about Buffy's relationship with Spike before she did,Riley went to Buffy to open her eyes to see what kind a monster Spike really was. The relationship was ended, however until epsiodes like Hells Bells,Normal Again,Entropy and Seeing Red came along in the season,Buffy was feeling depress about Spike, she missed him,Spike was trying to mover on until Normal Again Spike told her that he figured out that she was addicted to the Misery and not drawn into the dark like he thought. Overall, Spike was feeling overwhelmed and went to see Anya about spell that would help his numbing until a little hangover was on Anya & Spike, they were having sex, while being watched with The gang and Buffy, she was feeling something with Spike, that it hurt her, Dawn came out to see Buffy and understands how she feels.After that moment Xander took off the kill Spike, and Buffy stopped him, Spike said these words that gave Xander & Anya a clue with Spike's relationship with Buffy, he said It wasn't good for Buffy.Seeing Red a scary epsiode Spike wanting Buffy back with sorrow act and figures that rape would win her back. Buffy fought back and Spike went out to do Demon Trails to fought for his soul

In this Season was about relying on each other compassion,moments,emotions,forgiveness, and true love. Buffy back in her slayer ways until Spike came back to Sunnydale with a unsual behavior kinda like angel when he came back from hell. Buffy was figuring out Spike's behavior abd discover that he is a vampire with a soul.After that discovery, something evil is happening in Sunnydale, The First is back with vengeance, tormenting Spike and Bringers to kill all Potential Slayers. Buffy was feeling very denial around one person out of the season and that was Spike all the way. Spike feeling for her and want her know that he would be there along side with Battle of The First. Buffy was getting better with being their with her friends and the potentials. Buffy was pushing Spike to be his self again for her,that drawn the relationship between the two very nicely. Towards the end Spike and Buffy was fallen in amor with each other.Touching each other,hearing each other thoughts about the past,watching over each other while a sleep.Something compassionate had drawn the apaixonados closer ever.Angel was back to admit Buffy that is in amor with Spike, after the reunion Spike was pissed off with both angel & Buffy and Buffy want Spike and only him. She knew that amulet was ment to wore in a champion she chose Spike as her champion and sacrifice himself to save the world.

The Relationship was about journey in those particular Seasons, Forgiveness,Love,Compassion,Denial,Relying on Each Other,Getting a Sould for the one you Love,and addiction. Thats Spuffy