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monLOVEbrucas posted on Sep 06, 2009 at 12:44PM
So i was just having a wonderful conversation on how great Brucas is and how ungreat Seyton and pucas are... & i got an idea...
*i hope no one has done this before*
So EG -
The award for hurting brooke the most goes to -SEYTONNNN!!!! :]
LOL that doesnt help you i will fully explain!

So these are the ways it could happen;
Fans who want to be the people who give an award to the characters add picks of awards they would like to give out to brucas or brucas bystanders... they could be bad, good, happy etc.
and the person that made the pick after a few days will see the winning choice and make a picture of it a video or an article speech something like that for the award!

And everyone who wants to give an award add's what question they want to give an award too before anyone else...

Also if we wanna make this more fun we could do a day where everyone plans to be on or at least most of the usual peoplee(most of the time on fanpop brucas page and really ship them not people who are a fan but never go on here) and we could give the awards out then LOL
Likee on this forum, someone is the host and introudces everything so EG - Hello welcome tonight to Brucas awards, who will win the most and who will miss out on an award? stay tuned to find out....
But before we start the host will be be like everyone here and then everyone will be like YES, YES, YEP ETC :) ( so we can start having fun time)
Than the host will introduce the first announcer EG- Lets welcome BOB to the stage for the first award of tonight; they will do their speech.
EG - One tree hill has brucas the couple of love but love doesnt come easy espically for brooke who dealth with it from being hurt from alot of people and here are your nomations for "who hurt brooke the most";
PEYTON - I still love lucas.
LUCAS - I need some time.
and now the winner for HURTING BROOKE >:[ GOES TO*drumroll* PEYTONNNN!! and bob will add the image of the award or the video or link or article that he made for the award.

It sounds very complicated yes but i think it would be awesome because than we can actually give out awards to our spot for brucas...
Also we could have a few fan awards but thats not the main focus.

Okay also Brucas awards consist of Their love, peyton, nathan & haley, lucas, and brooke... also Mark and chris and lindsey and whoever else you can think of that impacted their relationship good or bad.

So do you like that idea? I do lol and people may think its complicated like everyone commenting but i think they will not comment when people are giving their speechs + we will work it out before so the comments flow in order and people who werent there can read it later on....

ONE last thing like an awards show we can have like other things happening too, we could play games through the speechs
EG - Two people chosen before the awards had an interview with the someone and got asked 5 questions each and whoever wins, wins like props from everyone or gets their stuff rated... etc. (figure it later lol)
Also we could have people adding a video of brucas and showing their love x]
+ we could have dares EG - I dare you to go on leytons spot and act as one of them now.. (fun stuff)
This may seem like a very longgg awards show but it wont be lol we who are all invloved can sort everything out and on the awards night/day we will be in a new Forum so people dont need to see the creating of it only the fun of it x]


*name & question*
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over a year ago monLOVEbrucas said…
big smile
This could be way fun! i know it seems like wtf, but i think it would be good for the blers and just lots of fun and something different lol