Valente World Extreme Sports Competition in Shanghai

huasixue posted on Jul 20, 2012 at 07:07AM
Always thought that the KIC Jiangwan Sports Center is in the new Bay city, the results and sister finally found the new Bay City Sports Center was not informed of this event is held in the old Jiangwan Stadium. Speaking of old Jiangwan Stadium, as the people of Shanghai to be proud of. Jiangwan Stadium (formerly known as Shanghai Stadium) was link founded in August 1934, designed by renowned architect Dong large unitary. 1936 Yearbook of the "Shanghai", said: Jiangwan Stadium construction of the great, vast scope of its position in the stadium of the Scots and the horses, the heads of the Far East.

From the country and road door into the Jiangwan Stadium, bridges, tree-lined, a castle-style building standing quietly in the meantime, the stately arches carved stone pillars, corridors also link filling elegance, worthy of the masterpieces! Since the completion of the Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Sports Center migrated from northeast to southwest, Riverside Stadium brilliant entered the quiet, and now, this carries more than half a century a brilliant stadium was converted into a "Knowledge and Innovation Community world Jiangwan Sports Center, "China's first sports and leisure center, was given a new life.
The KIA X GAMES world of extreme sports competition in Asia station nearly 200 top athletes from nearly 30 countries around the world, skates, skateboards, BMX and motorcycle four major project events. Throughout the stadium, close to the stands on both sides of the U-shaped skateboarding and extreme bike track, skateboard side of the track is designed for pulley lovers stocked with an obstacle playground. Stadium verdant lawn, put up a white steeple tent, Information Desk, ambulance stations, catering and leisure, souvenir shops and so on everything, and some small-scale recreational facilities such as netball, rock climbing and other projects to attract a large number of young people race on it. Laissez-faire parents with children, the children running on the grass slapstick, the whole stadium is crowded, as a large party. Extreme Sports Competition title "Kia" natural and ultimately, the Kia brand of car shows, beautiful car models that attract your eye focus.
My sister and I tickets for grandstand seat for stands Desk to cover the passage of the chapter in order to enter. Have not entered the stands, the eye has been ongoing in the U-shaped track skateboard practice attracted to, watching the players foot skateboard flying down from the top of the high link U-shaped way to reach the body soar in the middle of the vault Taiwan difficult to flip the other person confused emotions of the audience was instantly excited and reported screaming and enthusiastic applause. Of course, mistakes are inevitable when you see the players who lost his balance and landed heavily on the race track, watching skate close to the players head to fly out, the audience also along with them exclaimed, regret at the same time also the issue lamented: extreme sports is the movement of the brave!

According to materials: extreme sports around the 1960s originated in Europe and the United States, after decades of development evolved into an emerging type of sport in dozens of competitions. Advocated by the extreme sports concept is "the pursuit of self-challenge themselves, it is no longer just a sport, it covers culture has affected today's young people a life philosophy. Due to the potential that kind of return to nature, with nature, and challenge themselves to achieve the ideological realm of Heaven and quietly become the urban youth is the most popular, most enduring fashion movement.

 Limited because of the time, my sister and I regret to miss the competition of the more thrilling, more exciting limit for bicycles and motorcycles. Look forward to the X-GAMES world limits Sport Competition to ignite the flames again in the Jiangwan Stadium

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